The Ultimate In Birding Tours

The Birdquest Team

Eustace Barnes

Eustace Barnes lives in Yorkshire, England with his partner Diana and son Jasper.  A professional ornithologist and artist, specializing in the Neotropics, Eustace developed an interest in birds and wildlife art at an early age. He began birding on the North Kent Marshes and nearby France before heading off to Spain and Turkey as a […]

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Alex Berryman

Alex Berryman lives in Norfolk, England. He graduated from the University of East Anglia with a First-Class Honours degree in Ecology. His thesis looked at whether the soundscape is a good indicator of biodiversity. Naturally enough, he is a keen sound recordist, with a particular interest in how this reflects avian taxonomy, and also has […]

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Mark Beaman

Mark Beaman lives in Lancashire, England with his partner Inger and is Managing Director and owner of Birdquest. He created Sunbird in 1978 and subsequently went on to found Birdquest in 1981. Mark has travelled to every continent in search of birds, led a huge number of birding tours along the way, in dozens of countries, and has a worldwide interest in every aspect of birding.

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Josh Bergmark

Josh Bergmark lives in Sydney, Australia with his partner Shahaf. Josh may be our youngest team member, but given that he has been guiding birders since he was 16, this doesn’t mean he is any less qualified than many others guides. Josh has an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of Australia’s  birdlife, having covered virtually every […]

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Nik Borrow

Nik Borrow lives in Norfolk, England. As well as being a Birdquest Senior Leader, Nik was also a major illustrator of our much-missed paper brochures. His formal Fine Art training was undertaken at Wimbledon School of Art, where subsequently he taught art for some years. Always a keen birdwatcher, his two main interests finally merged […]

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Steve Braine

Steve Braine lives in Windhoek, Namibia. Encouraged to take an interest in wildlife and natural history from a very early age by his father, Steve inherited his father’s love of birds and butterflies in particular and is probably the only person in Namibia with four butterflies named after him! Steve has become one of Namibia’s […]

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Juan Carlos Calvachi

Juan Carlos Calvachi lives near Quito and is widely regarded as the finest Ecuadorian bird guide, with truly remarkable field skills, including very extensive knowledge of vocalizations. He graduated from Cenestur University, Quito in 2006 with a degree in Technology and Tourism and is one of the few bird guides in Ecuador with a guiding […]

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Chris Collins

Chris, who hails from Britain but spends a lot of each year travelling, is a highly experienced leader for Heritage Expeditions, who are based in New Zealand. Chris has travelled all over the Pacific, from Antarctica through the Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand and Australia, north through the Western Pacific islands to Sakhalin, the Kurils, the Sea of Okhotsk, Kamchatka and the Commander Islands and onwards to the Russian Arctic. He accompanies many Heritage Expeditions voyages as principal bird guide.

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Jigmet Dadul

Jigmet Dadul lives in Leh, Ladakh and is the world’s foremost Snow Leopard guide. A native Ladakhi, Jigmet has explored the wilderness that is Ladakh for many years and has built up an extraordinary and unsurpassed knowledge of the Snow Leopard and its habits, so much so that he has been able to start guiding […]

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Sean Dilrosun

Sean Dilrosun was born and raised in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, where he lives with his partner Gini and son Don. His first employment was as an engineer in a recording studio, whilst playing the guitar in various local bands. In 1992 he started guiding general tours all over Suriname, especially in the far […]

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Trevor Ellery

Trevor Ellery is originally from Hampshire in the United Kingdom, but Trevor has spent extensive periods living in Israel, Ecuador and now Colombia, where he has been resident since 2008. Trevor has spent much of those years exploring the length and breadth of Colombia while leading tours, undertaking expeditions or simply making his own birding […]

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Dave Farrow

Dave Farrow lives in Norwich, England with his Japanese partner Kumiko. Dave has a special love of Asia, where his field experience now amounts to many years in total. Dave has travelled very extensively indeed in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China (including Tibet), Taiwan, Japan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and large parts of Indonesia.

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Merid Gabremichael

Merid Gabremichael, who lives with his family in Addis Ababa, is the most experienced bird guide in Ethiopia. He was born in Asmara in Eritrea while it was part of Ethiopia and he and his family had a hard time of it under Ethiopia’s experiment with communism. He is a graduate in zoology of the […]

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Hannu Jännes

Hannu Jännes lives near Helsinki, Finland with his partner Jutta and sons Paavo and Aleksi. Hannu works as a freelance ornithologist and sound recordist, as well as a bird guide. Before starting to lead bird tours in the mid-1980s, he spent four breeding seasons travelling all over the country collecting data on the abundance and […]

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Dani López-Velasco

Dani López-Velasco is a young but virtually life-long Spanish birder from Salinas in Asturias province in northwestern Spain. He now lives in Madrid with his partner Cris. Dani’s passion, above all, is global birding, with birds of paradise being his favourite birds since he was very little. His birding and guiding trips have already taken him to more than 50 countries on seven continents.

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Julien Mazenauer

Julien Mazenauer lives in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, with his partner Hélène. Birding in his home country since the early age of 10, he quickly expanded his experience across the Western Palearctic, which he has covered extensively (as far south as the remote Western Sahara!). He started guiding short excursions in Switzerland at the age of 17 […]

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Pete Morris

Pete Morris lives in Lancashire, England with his wife Nina and sons Jack and Josh, and is a Birdquest tour leader. He has been birdwatching for as long as he can remember, growing up on the North Kent Marshes and at Dungeness. After graduating in Environmental Science at the University of East Anglia in 1987 […]

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János Oláh

János is currently taking a two year break from guiding while he builds/project manages his new family home in the Hortobágy. He returns to Birdquest guiding in the second half of 2021. János Oláh lives in Debrecen, Hungary with his partner Gabriella and daughter Enikö. A keen birder from the age of 10, János (pronounced […]

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Chikara Otani

Chikara Otani lives in Tokyo with his wife Mie. Otani has an in-depth knowledge of the flora and fauna of the entire Japanese archipelago and is arguably Japan’s top birding guide. He has worked with Birdquest for decades.

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Eduardo Patrial

Eduardo Patrial is a young but already remarkable bird guide born in Londrina, Paraná State in southern Brazil, where he lives with his partner Cíntia. He started his ornithological and birding career while studying for his biology degree in Curitiba, the state capital. During this period he was also a student of the ‘Capão da […]

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Mark Pearman

Mark Pearman lives with his partner Alejandra and their sons Ian and Luca in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Born in London, Mark initiated his birding career at the age of nine in the North Kent marshes. After whetting his appetite for international birding in Europe, Asia, Africa and North and Central America, by 1986 he was […]

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Craig Robson

Craig Robson lives in Norwich, England. He has spent many years in the field in Asia (from the Himalayas, China and Japan southwards to Sri Lanka, mainland Southeast Asia and Indonesia), often visiting remote areas that have been only rarely explored in the past. As well as Asia, Craig has also birded extensively in Madagascar, Australasia and North America (including Alaska, Colorado and many other areas).

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Dima Shamovich

Dmitry (or Dima) Shamovich began watching and studying wildlife in the north of Belarus, working in the Belorussian National Academy of Sciences Zoological Institute. He started work as a wildlife guide in 2006 and has become one of the few true experts in leading tours in the major birding and wildlife locations of his home country.

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Paul Smith

Paul Smith lives in Encarnación, Paraguay with his partner Carol and son Shawn. Paul trained as a zoologist, but after winning the Observer newspaper Young Travel Writer of the Year competition in 2000 he landed a job as an author for travel book company Rough Guides, giving him the opportunity to travel widely in Latin […]

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Mark Van Beirs

Mark Van Beirs lives with his partner Kathleen and daughter Caroline near Ghent, Belgium and has guided a truly remarkable number of tours for Birdquest. Born and raised in Ghent, he was soon travelling abroad in search of birds, firstly all over Europe but soon throughout the world. His varied career has included a spell […]

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Chris Venetz

Chris lives in Cressier, Switzerland, with his partner Laura. As well as speaking fluent English and French, Chris is also fluent in Japanese as his mother hails from there. He has a Master’s degree in Biology from the University of Neuchâtel, where he collaborated with the Swiss Ornithological Institute on the ecology of the Eurasian […]

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson lives with his partner Évi and their son Alexander in Lancashire, England and is the Client Manager for the Birdquest UK office, where he has also built up an enviable set of skills in airline reservations and ticketing. Mike started birding at an early age in northeast England and is still a keen […]

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