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Mark Beaman

Mark Beaman lives in Lancashire, England with his partner Inger and is the Managing Director of Birdquest.

After graduating from Cambridge University he led an ornithological expedition to Nepal and then spent several years studying seabirds at Aberdeen University before becoming involved in the world of birding tours.

Mark has travelled to every continent in search of birds, led a huge number of birding tours along the way, in dozens of countries, and has a worldwide interest in every aspect of birding.

Mark’s areas of greatest expertise include much of Asia (in particular Central Asia, Mongolia, China and the Indian subcontinent), North Africa, the Cape Verde Islands, Senegal, Chad, Tanzania, Australia and the Pacific Islands, the Subantarctic Islands, Argentina and Chile.

Nonetheless, it is the farthest-flung and most inaccessible reaches of the Palearctic region (the great Eurasian continent north of the Asian wet tropics, plus North Africa), where he has travelled more extensively and seen more species than any other ornithologist, that continues to excite his imagination.

Mark is author of The Handbook of Bird Identification for Europe and the Western Palearctic (1998) and also author of Palearctic Birds: a Checklist of the Birds of Europe, North Africa and Asia north of the foothills of the Himalayas (1994).

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