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Michael Greenshields

Michael Greenshields spent his childhood in rural South Australia and spent family holidays in all areas of regional and outback Australia. He now loves to take his young family around Australia instilling the same interest in nature into his children. His passion for the flora and fauna of Australia is evident to everyone.

His introduction to birding came at age 19 when visiting a local wetland and he found a Black Fronted Dotterel pretending to be injured to protect its nest, his interest was immediately piqued and his obsession has grown ever since.

He was fortunate enough that early in his career as a chef he got positions that took him around Australia and further afield to New Zealand and Uganda where he discovered the pleasures of international birding. Birding has now taken him to many countries across four continents.

Anyone who asks, will be informed that he has the greatest job in the world, guiding full-time and is particularly passionate about taking people to the far-flung, hard to reach, rarely birded areas of Australia.

His personal birding highlights include a flock of Princess Parrots in the sand dunes near Uluru and finding three separate Grasswren species in a single day more than once!

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