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Country reopenings continue and Birdquest tours resume

As time passes since the pandemic started, and a chunk of our lives go with it, it has become obvious that quite a number of you have become pretty desperate to get out into the world again and go birding. Probably plenty of you felt like I did – like a trapped Tiger patrolling its […]

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Travel Insurance is easily available for areas with ‘non-essential-travel’ advisories

There is a widespread misunderstanding about travel insurance being invalidated by government advisories recommending against ‘non-essential travel’ to particular countries. This has become much more of an issue now that many governments have applied these advisories willy-nilly to anything up to the entire planet! The reality is that no insurance is invalidated by such government […]

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Space available on Ultimate Tanzania November 2020

Tanzania has reopened its borders for tourism and a selection of airlines are now flying into the country again. In consequence, we are going to be able to operate Ultimate Tanzania this November-December. We currently have two places available. Please contact us if you would like to go. Since most governments currently have most countries […]

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The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and upcoming Birdquest tours

To all our Birdquest clients and friends: The novel coronavirus pandemic is having a profound effect on many aspects of our lives, and not just on international travel. At the present time, we still cannot be sure when tours to certain destinations will be able to resume, but the pace of border reopening is accelerating […]

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Some 2021 Birdquest tours are filling earlier than usual

This may come as a surprise, given the present uncertainty and concern over the coronavirus pandemic, but clearly many Birdquesters are itching to get away again and have switched bookings from cancelled 2020 tours to tours in 2021. As a result many of our tours for the coming year are more heavily booked than is […]

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