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New: Uncharted Colombia Expedition in January 2021

We are operating a unique Uncharted Colombia Expedition in January 2021. The expedition will explore the remote settlement of Inírida in far eastern Colombia adjacent to the Orinoco River, the rarely-visited Serranía de Perijá in northernmost Colombia, the Cartagena region and some rarely-visited Andean locations. Leader: Trevor Ellery. Numerous Colombian specialities will be seen during […]

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New: Uncharted Amazonian Brazil Expedition in July-August 2021

We are planning an Uncharted Amazonian Brazil Expedition in July-August 2021. The expedition will explore the states of Amapá (at the mouth of the Amazon, but on the north bank), Pará and Amazonas during the main expedition, and Acre during the extension. Leader: Eduardo Patrial. A huge number of Amazonian specialities will be seen during […]

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New: Uncharted Southern Brazil Expedition in February-March 2021

We are in the advanced planning stages for a 3.5-week Uncharted Brazil Expedition in February-March 2021, plus a special optional Fernando de Noronha island extension. Leader: Eduardo Patrial. Not a physically difficult expedition, but there are some long drives. Numerous Brazilian specialities will be seen during the journey but the major targets, all Birdquest Lifers, […]

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Birdquest Life List increases to 10,425

Thanks to our latest Philippines tour and a little help from splitting, the Birdquest Life List has now reached 10,425 bird species. Many thanks to Dani and our pioneering Philippines group members for finding: Negros Bleeding-heart Romblon Hawk-Owl Walden’s Hornbill Tablas Drongo Tablas Fantail          

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Birdquest tours between January-June 2021 that are definitely operating and still have space available

Quite a lot of countries have now reopened for tourism, especially in Africa and Latin America. The following Birdquest tours departing between January and June 2021 will be operating as a result and currently still have one or more spaces available:   Uncharted Colombia Expedition  (starts 10 January) Southern Ecuador  (starts 14 January) Senegal  (starts […]

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New: Uncharted Mexico Expedition in May-June 2021

We are going to be running some exciting Birdquest Expeditions during 2021, focusing on countries that have already reopened for travel (including Mexico, Colombia and Brazil). We still have over 300 Birdquest Lifers out there, so there are plenty of opportunities! One of these special expeditions is going to target almost all the remaining Birdquest […]

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So what is travelling like in the Age of Covid?

I started to travel overseas again during last summer, as our tours resumed. So, what has it been like? Well, the first thing I had to do was to arm myself with facts and try my hardest to rid myself of irrational fears. The media coverage since March has been overwhelming and relentless, so even […]

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Many countries have reopened and Birdquest tours have resumed

As time passes since the pandemic started, and a chunk of our lives go with it, it has become obvious that quite a number of you have become pretty desperate to get out into the world again and go birding. Probably plenty of you felt like I did – like a trapped Tiger patrolling its […]

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