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Booking open-for-tourism destinations is advised

As we enter what is hopefully the final phase of the pandemic in Europe and North America, many countries around the world remain completely closed for tourism, whereas many others are open. It is important to know what is open and what is not. There is little sign that the majority of countries in Asia […]

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Combine Ghana with São Tomé and Príncipe for a West African endemics extravaganza!

Nowadays it is easy to combine the beautiful islands of São Tomé and Príncipe with Ghana. There are direct flights between Accra and the islands, which hold no fewer than 28 endemic species! Combine a week in the islands with all the Upper Guinea forest endemics that occur in Ghana, plus the specialities of the […]

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UK Birdquesters can again travel abroad for tourism

United Kingdom residents can once again travel legally to any country for tourism (not just business) as from 17 May 2021. After visits to ‘amber list’ countries (currently numbering around 160 countries, so most of the world), you are currently obliged to self isolate at home for 5 days on your return (providing you take […]

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What is flying like these days?

I often get asked, what is it like travelling by air these days? Well, the answer is pretty normal in most places apart from the mask-wearing and, in some countries, a staggered disembarkation by row number (an improvement on the usual scrum in my view). Are the flights full? Yes, they often are in my […]

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New: Uncharted Colombia Expedition in November-December 2021

We are operating a unique Uncharted Colombia Expedition from 29 November-18 December 2021. The expedition will explore the remote settlement of Inírida in far eastern Colombia adjacent to the Orinoco River, the rarely-visited Serranía de Perijá in northernmost Colombia, the Cartagena region and some rarely-visited Andean locations. Leader: Trevor Ellery. Numerous Colombian specialities will be […]

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Svalbard & Franz Josef Land Expedition, August 2022 – discounted rates for limited time period

We have a wonderful new Svalbard & Franz Josef Land expedition cruise in August 2022. Even higher densities of Polar Bears, Walruses and Ivory Gulls in the latter, which is also the nearest point in Eurasia to the North Pole! We will also have two days at the ‘ice front’ north of Svalbard and Franz […]

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Just like Ian Lewis, my wife Sue and I have been Birdquesting for a long time – our first was to Turkey in 1985 and our most recent one, to Vietnam just before the pandemic broke in 2020, was number 91. The main reason for doing them is of course to see the birds particularly […]

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