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Dave Farrow

Dave Farrow lives in Norwich, England with his wife Kumiko, who comes from Japan. He cut his birding teeth amongst the woodlands and gravel pits of Hertfordshire, but much of his adult life has been spent overseas.

Dave has a special love of Asia, where his field experience now amounts to many years in total, and also North Africa. A skilled and experienced tour leader, he has escorted birding and adventure travel groups to numerous countries and is at home almost anywhere.

Dave has travelled very extensively throughout India including the Andaman Islands, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, large parts of Indonesia, China (including Sichuan, Yunnan and the Tibetan Plateau), Taiwan, Japan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan.

His knowledge of Arabic has stood him in good stead on tours and other travels in North Africa and the Middle East, including when exploring Yemen and Socotra during a number of Ornithological Society of the Middle East (OSME) surveys.

Tours Led by Dave