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Eustace Barnes

Eustace Barnes lives in Yorkshire, England with his partner Diana and son Jasper.  A professional ornithologist and artist, specializing in the Neotropics, Eustace developed an interest in birds and wildlife art at an early age. He began birding on the North Kent Marshes and nearby France before heading off to Spain and Turkey as a teenager.

At university Eustace studied Geography and subsequently moved to Peru where he worked at Explorer’s Inn in the Amazon as a Resident Naturalist and developed an interest in antbirds and bird vocalizations. While based in Peru, and subsequently, Eustace has spent much time over many years in the field, visiting remote areas that are often poorly known to this day, throughout South America and especially widely in both Brazil and Peru. He has been a prime mover in developing birding tours in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and elsewhere.

Eustace has also travelled extensively in Australasia, Asia, Africa and Madagascar, spending a great deal of time in the Himalayas in particular and also on pelagic trips out of Australia and New Zealand.

Eustace has worked on a number of publishing projects including Pigeons and Doves of the World (2001), The Bowerbirds (2004) and Cotingas and Manakins (2011).

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