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Yeo Siew Teck

Yeo Siew Teck is one of the top bird tour leaders in his native Sarawak and adjoining Sabah in East Malaysia, and a really great person to enjoy Borneo’s birdlife with.

Born and raised in the Malaysian state of Sarawak in Borneo, it was little surprise that Yeo grew up influenced by the natural world. He was involved in numerous expeditions to remote areas of this rich island, and he can include the rediscovery of Black Oriole among his achievements. Although his first love has always been birds he is renowned for his all-round expertise in Borneo’s organisms, including finding a new species of pitcher plant, Nepenthes appendiculata, and was the first person to record the sound of a rare, fossorial frog species – Gastrophrynoides borneensis.

Yeo is a keen conservationist, heavily involved with the Malaysia Nature Society and the Sarawak Forest Department, for whom he surveys the state’s national parks. Sarawak or Sabah tours with Yeo will not only be highly productive birdwise (he has a great skill at locating the specialities), but also an all-round nature experience as he enjoys sharing his wide knowledge with participants.

Tours Led by Yeo