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Zigzag Heron in Brazil (image by Eduardo Patrial)

Zigzag Heron (image by Eduardo Patrial)


We are always interested in recruiting exceptional bird tour leaders.

Potential candidates need to be experienced birders with a thorough knowledge of at least four Birdquest tour itineraries outside of Europe, the United States/Canada and Australia.

Existing experience guiding bird tours is an advantage but is by no means necessary.

Naturally, a very high level of field skills and considerable knowledge of the relevant avifaunas, as well as excellent logistical and inter-personal skills, are essential requirements for Birdquest guides.

Applicants must be in a position to guide a minimum of 3-4 tours for us annually.

If you are potentially interested in joining the top team, contact Mark Beaman on his direct email address at

We would like to see more women working in our industry as top-end bird tour guides. Don’t be shy to apply!

Important: In order to be considered, please be sure to include in your application a list of all Birdquest tour itineraries that you already know in their entirety, as well as details of all other relevant birding knowledge and experience (including all other areas of the world that you have experience of).

All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Agami Heron in Brazil (image by Eduardo Patrial)

Agami Heron (image by Eduardo Patrial)