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Dima Shamovich

Dmitry (or Dima) Shamovich began watching and studying wildlife in the north of Belarus, working in the Belorussian National Academy of Sciences Zoological Institute. Dima’s postgraduate studies included owls (particularly Ural Owl) and he was also involved in researching other predators of the Belorussian north, including Pine Marten and Raccoon Dog.

He started work as a wildlife guide in 2006 and has become one of the few true experts in leading tours in the major birding and wildlife locations of his home country.

Dima is a true ‘man of the forest’ and lives in the north of Belarus, deep in the heart of the Krasny Bor Reserve, which is famous for its beautiful boreal forests. Dima has much experience in organizing wildlife photographic trips focused on bird and mammal species, ranging from wintering Golden and White-tailed Eagles to lekking Great Snipes, Western Capercaillies and large ungulates such as Elk and Bison.

His other interests include his radio tracking studies of capercaillies and the tamed wolves he keeps at his home! His wolf pack is regularly used by visiting photographers and international film crews for photography and filming in wild locations.

Dima’s relaxed and friendly style has made him very popular amongst our participants.

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