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Sean Dilrosun

Sean Dilrosun was born and raised in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, where he lives with his partner Gini and son Don. His first employment was as an engineer in a recording studio, whilst playing the guitar in various local bands. In 1992 he started guiding general tours all over Suriname, especially in the far interior, where he soon developed a special interest in nature. With a growing bookshelf, he soon became a self-taught naturalist.

In December 1999, at age 30, he had his first encounter with a serious birding group visiting his country, with a guide that was very knowledgeable about nature, and carried recording equipment. It all added up! It didn’t take too long to discover the many special birds people come to Suriname for, and to study them and their ways. With a special interest for recording and bird vocalizations, a fantastic knowledge of his country and nearly 20 years experience in guiding, a new bird guide was born. Sean is now one of the leading birders in Suriname, combing a professional level of skills with a very friendly and easy-going approach, a reflection of the delightfully warm atmosphere in Suriname.

He still often points his scope at the planets and other heavenly bodies and somehow can’t leave the guitar at home when going out on a trip. His other hobbies include knots and ropes, origami, puzzles of many kinds and card magic, amongst others.

Tours Led by Sean