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Thibaut Chansac

Born in Paris, Thibaut (pronounced ‘Teebo’) Chansac nowadays lives with his partner and his son in the small town of Moulins, France.
It was his father who first introduced him to birding and nature in general, sparking a passion that would never fade. Thibaut travelled extensively in European countries with his family at a young age and later on his own across the Western Palearctic from the Canaries Islands to Turkey and north to Scandinavia in search of birds.

Thibaut first visited subSaharan Africa during a trip to Namibia in 2000 and this experience launched a passion for African birds and wilderness that led him to spend extended periods of time in many parts of the continent, including such little-known countries such as the Central African Republic and Burkina Faso. His very wide level of African birding expertise now extends across much of subSaharan Africa from the Atlantic coast of West Africa all the way to Eastern Africa and right down to Namibia, South Africa and Madagascar. In Tanzania alone, his field experience already amounts to several years in the field and has made him a decent Swahili speaker alongside his fluent English.

In recent years he has been leading birding tours to many places in Africa, Madagascar and elsewhere. Thibaut has a very keen interest in hard-to-find or out-of-the-way specialities and is always ready to explore new areas with interesting bird species.

Thibaut is interested in all aspects of birding but has soft spot for raptor and gull identification in particular. He has also developed a deep interest in bird vocalizations during the past decade and is now an avid sound recordist with an ever-growing collection of recordings, mainly from Africa. He is a keen photographer and a mammal enthusiast as well.

He has also travelled for birds in North America, New Caledonia and Indonesia and has recently started to collaborate with conservation projects for birds of French Polynesia. He is currently a member of the French bird raritities committee.

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