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Dani Balla

Dani (short for Dániel) Balla lives in Balmazújváros, Hungary with his partner Annamária. Growing up in a nearby city, he moved closer to the Hortobágy National Park to have better chances for birding every day in the great Hungarian grasslands.

Dani picked up birding as a child which later set his path in life. He graduated from the University of Debrecen as an ecologist and a zoologist.

After finishing his studies Dani started working in a conservation project in the Hortobágy and later he made a living doing surveys for various environmental services. He is currently a member of the Hungarian Rarities Committee and the secretary of the Waterbird Conservation Group of BirdLife Hungary.

As well as guiding for Birdquest, Dani also guides birdwatchers in Hungary, Slovakia and Romania for our partners at Sakertour, run by longtime Birdquest leader János Oláh. Dani has a lovely character and is an effective and knowledgeable leader.

Dani travelled through most of Europe but in particular, he has travelled extensively in Asia in search of birds, from the far western part of Asia eastwards to Mongolia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia, and to many countries and territories lying in between.

Tours Led by Dani