“Our Northern Ecuador tour concentrates on the northern part of the country and it offers a big bird list – around 600 species! We certainly had an amazing list of special birds with more than 165 Birdquest ‘diamond’ birds. The very best highlights this year included birds like Rufous-breasted, Dark-backed and Rufous-fronted Wood Quails all seen, Rufous-banded, Band-bellied “San Isidro”, Rufescent Screech, Cloud-forest Pygmy Owls, Oilbird, Andean Potoo, Lyre-tailed Nightjars, Choco Poorwill, White-tipped and Buff-tailed Sicklebills both seen for the first time in the same tour, Blue-headed Sapphire, Hoary Puffleg, Ecuadorian Piedtail, Choco Trogon, Coppery-chested and Great Jacamars, Black-breasted, Barred, Pied, Black-streaked Puffbirds, Orange-fronted, Five-coloured, Gilded and Toucan Barbets, Plate-billed Mountain Toucan, Rose-faced Parrot, Sapayoa, Rufous-rumped, Rusty-winged and Yellow-breasted Antwrens, Stub-tailed, Zeledon´s, Streak headed and Spotted Antbirds, 11 species of antpittas including Giant, Moustached, Peruvian, Slate-crowned and Plain-backed Antpittas, Chestnut-crowned Gnateater, […].”