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Buy beautiful bird drawings and help struggling local bird guides

January 11, 2022

by Mark Beaman

During the Covid-19 pandemic, which is now entering its third year, many people have faced suffering and hardship.

Most of our local bird guides around the world fall into this category. Many live in impoverished countries where even paying for medical bills and enough food is now a constant struggle, let alone the cost of sending children to school!

We have done what we could to help them from our own financial resources, but after two years these have been stretched.

We want to see these guides continue to be helped, which is why we are offering for sale the many beautiful ink drawings created for our huge, pre-internet, paper brochures.

As it says on the section of the website now devoted to these – we would like to see the drawings, many of which will kindle good memories for many Birdquesters, go to good homes. Why not purchase one or more of the drawings and know you are helping these local guides at the same time? Much of the proceeds will go to them.

Since we started selling the drawings we have already been able to give help or further help to a number of guides, including our friends Olivier and Bebe in Madagascar, who sent us this photo of themselves picking up the funds from Western Union!

Details about the cost of the drawings and a complete gallery of available drawings can be found here:

So, please do what you can! Donations can also be accepted if you do not care to buy any of the drawings.