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New: Uncharted Colombia Expedition in January 2021

November 8, 2020

We are operating a unique Uncharted Colombia Expedition in January 2021. The expedition will explore the remote settlement of Inírida in far eastern Colombia adjacent to the Orinoco River, the rarely-visited Serranía de Perijá in northernmost Colombia, the Cartagena region and some rarely-visited Andean locations.

Leader: Trevor Ellery.

Numerous Colombian specialities will be seen during the journey but the major targets, all Birdquest Lifers, are:


Perija Metaltail

Gorgeted Puffleg (if logistic permit)

Turquoise-winged Parrotlet

Perija Thistletail

Spectacled Prickletail

Orinoco Softtail (Inírida)

East Andean Antbird

Perija Tapaculo

Perija Brushfinch

Antioquia Brushfinch

Black-fronted Brushfinch


In addition, Perija (Rufous) Antpitta and the rare Perija (Golden-bellied) Starfrontlet are potential candidates for future splits.


For more information about the expedition, including dates and cost, please contact the Birdquest office.

There is only 1 place still available on the expedition.

Note: Trevor will be available if you want to stay on in Colombia after the expedition to look for other Colombian specialities. Just let us know what you are most interested in seeing.