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ROMANIA’S DANUBE DELTA BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY – Europe’s largest wetland and surrounding steppes

Saturday 31st May – Saturday 7th June 2025

Leader: Zoltan Nagy

8 Days Group Size Limit 4


This fantastic eight-day tour focuses on the Danube Delta and Dobrodgea area of Romania, which is one of the most amazingly diverse breeding and migration hotspots of Europe! The tour combines hide photography and stalking photography, though these two will merge together in our special photo-boat inside the delta allowing superb possibilities getting close to birds!

Please see the list of tour highlights and the detailed itinerary to get a good sense of the riches that await.

About your boat

This 6.5 m long very stable flat bottomed boat was designed for photographers. It has four seats in the middle of the boat which are removable so when needed photography takes place from cushions allowing the lowest possible angle. The boat is installed with special photo-through glass – the same as in our hides in Hungary – on both side and also with a curtain system. The windows are turnable so photography also possible through the curtains only. The boat can be used in all weather as it has a removable roof as well.

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