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Birdquest’s Amazonian Brazil Expedition in September 2021 is a unique and ‘one-off’ experience. Quite possible we will never repeat it!

This off-the-beaten-track birding adventure goes in search of a whole series of Birdquest ‘Lifers’, as well as plenty of other Brazilian endemics and otherwise range-restricted species. We will explore the states of Pará and Amazonas, and during the course of the expedition we will travel from near the mouth of the Amazon to the Peruvian frontier!

We will start our expedition in the city of Santarém, situated in Para State on the Amazon River to the west of its mouth. From there we visit the North Bank for the beautiful endemic Sulphur-breasted Parakeet in particular and also the remote Jardim do Ouro area for the poorly-known endemic Golden-crowned Manakin.

Next, we will travel to the Manaus region, where we will not only visit some classic birding sites but also explore the rarely-visited Itacoatiara area and the Mamirauá Reserve (which involves a flight to Tefe) to look for such great birds as Varzea Piculet and Chestnut-headed Nunlet.

Finally, those taking the extension will be able to explore the far west of Amazonas as we fly to remote Tabatinga and then get even more ‘off the map’ at the Palmari Reserve, home to the endemic Grey Wren and many other great birds.

A huge number of Amazonian specialities will be seen during the journey but the most important targets, all Birdquest Lifers, are:

Rusty Tinamou

Chestnut-headed Nunlet

Varzea Piculet

Sulphur-breasted Parakeet

Golden-crowned Manakin

Grey Wren

Guianan Gnatcatcher

Obviously, as this is a Birdquest Expedition, the focus will be on the major specialities, which will also include (over and above the ‘lifers’ listed above), all the Manaus area specialities including the river island specials. However, we will also see a mass of other good birds as we explore some very far-flung parts of the vast Amazon Basin.

Additional Manaus area mega-specialities, in effect not seeable elsewhere, include:

Diademed Amazon (endemic)

Streak-throated Hermit

Klages’s Antwren (endemic)

Wing-banded Wren

Manaus also has many other range-restricted specialities, but they are not unique to Manaus birding tours as they also occur around Iquitos in Peru.


Please contact our office if you are interested in participating in this very special expedition.

Birdquest has operated Brazil birding tours since 1985.

Itinerary in Brief:

Day 1: Evening expedition start in Santarém in Para State.

Day 2: Boat trip to Monte Alegre for overnight. Local birding.

Day 3: Full day in Monte Alegre area for Sulphur-breasted Parakeet and many other birds. Overnight in Monte Alegre.

Day 4: Morning birding, then afternoon boat trip back to Santarém for overnight.

Day 5: Flight to Itaituba, then drive to Jardim do Ouro for overnight.

Days 6-7: Two full days around Tocantinzinho river in Jardim do Ouro area for Golden-crowned Manakin and many other birds. Overnights at Jardim do Ouro.

Day 8: Morning around Jardim do Ouro, then drive back to Itaituba for overnight.

Day 9: Fly to Manaus (probabvly via  Santarém) and transfer to Pousada Aldeia Mari Mari near Presidente Figueiredo for overnight;

Days 10-11: Two full days in Presidente Figueiredo area for Guianan Gnatcatcher and many other birds.

Day 12: Morning around Presidente Figueiredo, then transfer to Itacoatiara for overnight.

Day 13: Full day in the Itacoatiara area for Varzea Piculet and many other birds on the river islands. Overnight;

Day 14: Transfer back to Manaus. Flight to Tefé, then boat trip to Mamirauá reserve for overnight.

Days 15-16: Two full days to explore the Amanã lake for Chestnut-headed Nunlet and many other birds. Overnights at Mamirauá.

Day 17: Boat trip back to Tefé and flight to Manaus for afternoon expedition end.

Palmari Reserve Extension

Day 1: Overnight at Manaus.

Day 2: Flight to Tabatinga for overnight. Local birding.

Day 3: Boat trip to Palmari Reserve for overnight, birding in the afternoon.

Days 4-5: Two full days at Palmari Reserve for Grey Wren and many other birds. Overnights at Palmari.

Day 6: Boat trip back to Tabatinga and flight to Manaus for afternoon expedition end.

Accommodation & Road Transport: The hotels range from good to medium or simple standard. Accommodation at Palmari Reserve during the extension is simple. Road transport is by car or minibus/passenger van and roads are mostly good.

Walking: The walking effort will range from easy to moderate.

Climate: Generally warm or hot. There will be a mix of sunny and cloudy conditions and some rain is likely. It will be rather humid.

Bird Photography: Opportunities during the expedition are expected to be worthwhile.


Birdquest Inclusions: Our tour prices include surface transportation, accommodations, meals and entrance fees.

We also include all tipping for local guides, drivers and accommodation/restaurant staff.

Deposit: 20% of the total expedition price. Our office will let you know what deposit amount is due, in order to confirm your booking, following receipt of your online booking form.

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