6 - 31 / 3 November 2022

by Simon Mitchell

“The 2022 Birdquest ‘Sulawesi With a Difference’ was the first opportunity to join this logistically challenging itinerary since 2011. We repeated or even exceeded the success of our previous trip, finding an excellent selection of some of the world’s least-seen birds. Of a possible 44 satellite island endemic species on itinerary, only three were unrecorded. Amongst the long list of highlights from each island group included some very challenging species. On the Sula islands of Banggai and Taliabu we gained excellent views of the stunning Geocickla Red-and-black Thrush. On Togian the croaking Boobooks performed spectacularly well. We enjoyed unexpected and prolonged views of the ultra-difficult Gynocrex Talaud Rail on our visit there. On Sangihe our uphill scramble was rewarded with fantastic views of the Cerulean Flycatcher – one of the world’s rarest birds. Across the trip, we encountered a total of 9 White-eye species (potentially more depending on future splits) and saw an impressive total of 7 different owls species. Mammals too were well represented, with two species of Tarsier seen and another heard, two species of Black Macaque, Talaud Flying Fox, Long-tailed Talaud Melomys, Sulawesi Warty Pig and best of all the impressive Sulawesi Babirusa […].”