The Ultimate In Birding Tours

Birdquest tours between January-June 2021 that are definitely operating and still have space available

October 27, 2020

Quite a lot of countries have now reopened for tourism, especially in Africa and Latin America.

The following Birdquest tours departing between January and June 2021 will be operating as a result and currently still have one or more spaces available:


Uncharted Colombia Expedition  (starts 10 January)

Southern Ecuador  (starts 14 January)

Senegal  (starts 1 February)

Southeast Mexico  (starts 19 February)

Classic Colombia  (starts 21 February)

Ultimate Costa Rica  (starts 22 March)

Western Mexico  (starts 27 March)

Northern Tanzania   (starts 1 April)

Kenya Specialities  (starts 16 April)

Morocco  (starts 12 May)

Uncharted Mexico Expedition  (starts 20 May)

Finland & Arctic Norway  (starts 23 May)

Ultimate Uganda  (starts 1 June)

Best of Ecuador  (starts 1 June)

Madeira  (starts 11 June)

Azores  (starts 16 June)


Please contact our office if you would like to join any of these tours