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Forthcoming tours that are already operating and have space

December 11, 2020

Quite a lot of countries have now reopened for tourism.

To us, it would seem sensible to book on tours to destinations that are already open, or will reopen again, rather than on tours to places that are still closed and may not reopen in time. By doing that you can avoid disappointment later.

The following Birdquest tours in 2021 can already operate and still have one or more spaces available:


Morocco  (starts 12 May)

Finland & Arctic Norway  (starts 23 May)

Best of Ecuador  (starts 1 June)

Madeira  (starts 11 June)

Azores  (starts 16 June)

Brazil’s Southwest Amazonia  (starts 4 July)

Svalbard (Spitsbergen): A Polar Wilderness  (starts 8 July)

Serra do Divisor, Remote Brazil Expedition  (starts 18 July)

Shoebills & Gorillas of Uganda  (starts 23 July)

Jaguars & Birds of Brazil  (starts 28 July)

Northern Peru  (starts 1 August)

Northern Ecuador  (starts 1 August)

Best of Colombia  (starts 2 August)

Amazonian Ecuador  (starts 18 August)

São Tomé & Príncipe  (starts 19 August)

Uncharted Amazonian Brazil Expedition  (starts 3 September)

Bolivia  (starts 22 September)

Namibia & Botswana  (starts 23 September)

Central Peru  (starts 2 October)

Southeast Brazil  (starts 2 October)

Best of Ethiopia  (starts 10 October)

Best of South Africa  (starts 10 October)

Chile  (starts 17 October)

Amazonian Peru: Iquitos  (starts 21 October)

South Africa  (starts 30 October)

Hungary’s Hortobágy in Autumn  (starts 5 November)

Ethiopia  (starts 14 November)

Ghana  (starts 19 November)

Zambia  (& Zimbabwe)  (starts 22 November)


Please contact our office if you would like to join any of these tours.

Travel insurance is available for all these destinations (we can provide contact information to those booking), but kindly note that Covid-19 medical cover is, for many destinations, only available for those under 60.

We are, of course, operating additional tours and expeditions in 2021 to open countries, but these tours are already fully booked and so do not appear in the above list. You are welcome to ask to go on a waiting list.