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Svalbard & Franz Josef Land Expedition, August 2022 – discounted rates for limited time period

May 12, 2021

We have a wonderful new Svalbard & Franz Josef Land expedition cruise in August 2022. Even higher densities of Polar Bears, Walruses and Ivory Gulls in the latter, which is also the nearest point in Eurasia to the North Pole! We will also have two days at the ‘ice front’ north of Svalbard and Franz Josef Land looking for Polar Bears and Ross’s Gulls! Great chances for Bowhead (or Greenland) Whale and even a chance for Narwhal!

For a limited time only, attractively discounted prices are available for new bookings. Roughly 15% off the usual rates. This is a one-off promotion to celebrate the end of the pandemic in Europe (we hope!). Do not delay!

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