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Combine Ghana with São Tomé and Príncipe for a West African endemics extravaganza!

May 27, 2021

Nowadays it is easy to combine the beautiful islands of São Tomé and Príncipe with Ghana. There are direct flights between Accra and the islands, which hold no fewer than 28 endemic species!

Combine a week in the islands with all the Upper Guinea forest endemics that occur in Ghana, plus the specialities of the north of the country and you really do have an amazing combination!

Even better, both Ghana and São Tomé & Príncipe long since reopened for tourism so, unlike many destinations, you can book to go there and be sure the trips will actually take place. (For UK Birdquesters, note that both countries are rated as ‘amber’ destinations, so no need to self-isolate at home providing you are vaccinated.)

We have Ghana and São Tomé & Príncipe combinations available in February-March 2022 with both our longer Ghana ultimate tour and shorter Best of Ghana tour. Why not see this wonderful region for yourself?

Here is a link to our week in the islands: