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UK Birdquesters can avoid hotel quarantine by doing this

August 18, 2021

United Kingdom residents, uniquely amongst European nations (the rest deem it unnecessary for the vaccinated), must quarantine for 10 days in a costly hotel if they return directly from a so-called ‘red list’ country.

You can avoid this requirement if you spend 10 days or more in a non-red-list country before returning home. As all our tour participants must now be vaccinated against Covid-19, all you will need to do on your return home is take a covid test two days later. No self-isolation is required of the vaccinated.

Quite a number of people are now doing this, rather than wait in hope that the UK decides to follow other European countries’ procedures.

We can offer advice as regards places you might want to visit in order to extend your trip after tours in red-list countries.