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Booking open-for-tourism destinations is advised

June 1, 2021

As we enter what is hopefully the declining phase for the pandemic in Europe and North America, many countries around the world remain completely closed for tourism, whereas many others are open. It is important to know what is open and what is not.

There is little sign that the majority of countries in Asia will reopen before early 2022, while for Australia and some Pacific islands it may be later than that.

On the other hand, most of the Americas, Europe and Africa are already open for tourism.

During the height of the pandemic we simply cancelled everything, but now that things have changed so much we do not want to see our Birdquesters disappointed by seeing their tours cancelled when they could have been signed up for a wonderful birding journey that could go ahead.

If you are planning to book a birding tour starting between now and February 2022, we would advise you to avoid most of Asia (but note that the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Japan could reopen by the end of 2021 for fully vaccinated travellers) and all of Australasia.