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The Next Birdquest Reunion Event will be in 2026. Where should it be held?

May 6, 2023

by Mike Watson

Every five years, as all regular Birdquesters will know, we hold a special Birdquest Reunion event. They are fun short tours but with lots of our guests (both Birdquest regulars and newbies) and lots of our leaders and a good social vibe as well as good birding.

The last reunion was due in 2021, but was scuppered by that damnable Covid-19! May the virus rot!

Anyway, the next Birdquest Reunion is coming up in 2026 and we would like to give an opportunity to all our wonderful Birdquesters to tell us one or more places that they would like to see it held. (2026 may seem far off but we need to book up the venue far in advance for this kind of event, so we would like to receive your suggestions now.)

In case you are short of ideas, we do have some early thoughts ourselves. Possible venues include:

The Hortobagy Plain in Hungary (but should it be spring or autumn, that is the question)

Lesbos (spring)

Speyside, Scotland (spring)

Cyprus (spring)

The Canary Islands (spring or summer: we still need to get that Gran Canaria Chaffinch on the 10,650+ Birdquest Life List!)

Bermuda (for the Bermuda Petrel or Cahow of course, in November)

If you fancy one or more of these venues, do let us know.

But you may have a great idea we have not even thought of.

Please email your suggestions to Mike Watson or Diedert Koppenol at:

Kindly note that very long-distance venues (by which we mean from the UK) are not really practical for our reunion events.