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Current Career Opportunities with the Birdquest Team – both administration and tour leading

April 28, 2022

We currently have the following openings at Birdquest:


1. One administrative position in our office in the Lancashire countryside as a Travel Manager. Full time or ‘maximum part-time’ for someone with family or other commitments.

For the right candidate, we would also consider offering a ‘hybrid’ combined administrative and tour leading role.

Very attractive salary.

Please contact our Managing Director, Mr Mark Beaman, on

Please send brief details of your work experience and your interests in birds or nature generally, and say why you are interested in working for Birdquest. If Mark feels you have potential he will send you full details of the post including salary and also ask you for a full curriculum vitae.


2. Two positions for Birdquest Leaders able to lead a minimum of 3-4 tours per annum (no upper limit, within reason). Please see the application details here.