The Ultimate In Birding Tours


November 7, 2019

by Mark Beaman

Owing to the recent negative publicity surrounding the apparent financial failure of One Ocean expeditions, and the concern this has or may in future cause our clients, I want to personally reassure all those currently booked with Birdquest to Antarctica, and all those who are thinking of booking in future, that:

  1. We have no passengers booked with One Ocean and have never worked with this operator.
  2. Our Antarctic groups travel on cruises organized by the well-respected Oceanwide Expeditions, with whom we have worked for some 25 years. Oceanwide have no connection with One Ocean.
  3. Happily, when you book an Antarctic cruise, or any other expedition-type cruise, with a birding tour company, your contract is with the birding tour operator and not with the cruise company, so if the cruise company fails your birding tour company must refund you in full.
  4.  In the very unlikely event any Birdquest group was affected by a cruise cancellation owing to the insolvency of Oceanwide Expeditions or any other operator, all Birdquest participants would receive a 100% refund of the tour cost from Birdquest itself. Regardless of whether the cruise company repaid anything or offered anything (unlikely to materialise in the case of insolvencies).

Finally, I have learned that a number of Birdquesters and even one of our leaders, who was booked to travel on a once-in-a-lifetime Antarctic cruise with his father, have been affected by this disaster. My heartfelt sympathies go out to you all. To have any trip cancelled is bad enough, but, when it affects a very special expedition like this, it is truly terrible.