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What is flying like these days?

May 16, 2021

I often get asked, what is it like travelling by air these days?

Well, the answer is pretty normal in most places apart from the mask-wearing and the staggered disembarkation by row number (an improvement on the usual scrum in my view). Are the flights full? Yes, they often are in my experience, or at least fairly full. I have seen no half-empty flights at all. In some countries, there are few places open to eat at the airports, but this scenario is becoming rare.

I have taken a lot of flights since I resumed travelling in mid-August 2020. I never once fell ill. Not even a cold, which I have often picked up during flights in the past, no doubt thanks to everyone mask-wearing.

Now, with highly effective vaccination, covid risks have rapidly diminished for many of us. Perhaps in a year or so we will even see the end of masks on planes, and then I will start getting colds again! A small price to pay for an end to this troubling time.

Mark Beaman