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René Valdes

René Valdes lives in Meridá in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. He has two daughters.

René is a very talented young Mexican ornithologist who spends his time, these days, divided between ecological consultancy work and guiding birding tours the length and breadth of Mexico.

René started off the scientific side of his ornithological career by studying the Critically Endangered Thick-billed and Maroon-fronted Parrots of the pine forests of Northern Mexico. However, he was brought up in Mazatlan and so his first birding experiences were in Western Mexico, a region he knows extremely well. After years of living in Monterrey in the Northeast of the country, and studying and researching for the University of Chihuahua, his knowledge of the Northern region of Mexico is unsurpassed. More recently, after a long period living in the Yucatan Peninsula, his encyclopedic ornithological and birding knowledge now extends to most of Southern and all of Southeastern Mexico.

Tours Led by René