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Eduardo Patrial

Eduardo Patrial is a young but already remarkable bird guide born in Londrina, Paraná State in southern Brazil, where he lives with his partner Cíntia.

He started his ornithological and birding career while studying for his biology degree in Curitiba, the state capital. During this period he was also a student of the ‘Capão da Imbuia’ Natural History Museum for two years, working with the most representative avian collection in the state, one of the biggest in southern Brazil. At the beginning, Eduardo’s field efforts were concentrated on banding birds and making avifaunal inventories, mainly in the Atlantic Forest ranges, where he did several environmental impact reports on the avifauna of southern Brazil and also researched the status of the Brazilian Merganser in Paraná State.

His skills increased as a result of research projects with expert ornithologists throughout the biomes of Brazil, including the Cerrado, Pantanal, Caatinga, Pampas and Amazon, besides many other remote localities of the Atlantic Forest. He has published articles regarding important range extensions and avifaunal inventories from previously unknown localities in Brazil. In 2005 he had the opportunity to live in the southeastern Amazon, specifically at Serra dos Carajás, working as resident ornithologist for the huge ‘Vale’ mining company, which greatly expanded his Amazonian birding experience.

Afterwards Eduardo took up professional bird guiding, first as a volunteer at Cristalino Jungle Lodge, also in the southeastern Amazon. Nowadays he is one of the top bird guides in Brazil, with over 1200 species seen in the country in a few years. His patience in the field, ability in finding species, superb knowledge of bird songs (he is a passionate bird sound recordinst) in every major Brazilian habitat and delightful manner are some of his outstanding qualities.

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