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Chris Venetz

Chris lives in Cressier, Switzerland, with his partner Laura. As well as speaking fluent English and French, Chris is also fluent in Japanese as his mother hails from there. He has a Master’s degree in Biology from the University of Neuchâtel, where he collaborated with the Swiss Ornithological Institute on the ecology of the Eurasian Woodcock’s. After finishing his studies, Chris’s bird tour leading career took off with a first experience in Costa Rica, his favourite country. Chris has also been involved in the bird ringing (banding) station at Col de Jaman in the Swiss Alps, where he has ringed thousands of migratory birds during autumn. He has also recently worked as ship’s ornithologist on expedition vessels for Hurtigruten in the Arctic region.

Chris’s fascination for birds started at a very early age when he was still at the elementary school. He quickly started birding intensively in Switzerland and the Western Palearctic. His first trip outside the Western Palearctic was to North America when he was only 12, and this journey stimulated his early passion for birding in faraway places. Chris’s first birding visits to the tropics were in Costa Rica and Thailand, and these were the beginning of a very long series of trips to tropical areas. Despite his relatively young age, he has already been birding on seven six continents! He has extensive experience in South and Central America (especially in Brazil, the Andean countries, Costa Rica and Guatemala), Asia (from Indonesia north to Japan), New Guinea (West Papua), parts of Africa and in the Western Palearctic (Europe, North Africa and the Middle East).

Chris has developed a great interest in owls and has already spent many hundreds of hours at night out looking for them. He has become a skilled nightbird finder. He is also a keen and experienced bird and wildlife photographer.

Tours Led by Chris