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Alex Berryman

Alex Berryman lives in Norfolk, England. He graduated from the University of East Anglia with a First-Class Honours degree in Ecology. His thesis looked at whether the soundscape is a good indicator of biodiversity. Naturally enough, he is a keen sound recordist, with a particular interest in how this reflects avian taxonomy, and also has impressive knowledge of bird ecology and conservation.

Whilst studying, Alex spent much (maybe too much…) time birding abroad, both birding and exploring independently, and working as a professional ornithologist, on six continents. His travels have included prolonged visits to Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Southern Africa, Peru and Colombia.

He rates both South-East Asia and Australasia as his ‘home turf’ – indeed he previously lived and studied in Australia, undertaking surveys for research groups and Birdlife Australia. He has a particular interest in Oriental and Australasian regional taxonomy and keeps a keen eye on (and is good at pre-empting) future splits. He was also recently invited to join the Oriental Bird Club Council, and serves as its youngest member.

Since 2017 Alex has been working for Lynx Publishing, serving as an ornithological writer and editor for the Lynx and BirdLife International Field Guide series. His achievements include being an author of Birds of Thailand (2018), Birds of Vietnam (2018), Birds of Japan (2019), Birds of the West Indies (2019), and other forthcoming titles.



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