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Birdquest’s Uncharted Mexico Expedition is a unique, off-the-beaten-track birding adventure in search of a whole series of Mexican-endemic Birdquest ‘Lifers’, as well as plenty of other Mexican endemics and otherwise range-restricted species.

Obviously, as this is a Birdquest Expedition, the focus will be on the major specialities. We will see lots of other good birds, however.

This is not a suitable trip for someone who has not been to Mexico before, unless a real adventure appeals to you and you are not worried about seeing less species than you would on our classic Western Mexico or Southern Mexico tours.

The expedition is specially pitched in May-June as it is very difficult to find both Maroon-fronted Parrots and White-fronted Swifts outside the breeding period, and the parrots do not reliably arrive on their breeding grounds until early to mid-May. So, expect hotter weather than in the typical Mexican birding season of February-April.

The 14 main target birds are as follows (all are found in northeast Mexico unless indicated):

Bearded Wood Partridge

Tawny-collared Nightjar

White-fronted Swift (Southwest Mexico)

Short-crested Coquette (Southwest Mexico)

White-tailed Hummingbird (Southwest Mexico)

Tuxtla Quail-Dove

Tamaulipas Pygmy Owl

Blue-capped Motmot

Bronze-winged Woodpecker

Maroon-fronted Parrot

Worthen’s Sparrow

Ochre (or Fuertes’s) Oriole

Altamira Yellowthroat

Crimson-collared Grosbeak

We will start this real birding adventure in the city of Monterey in northeast Mexico and then work our way southwards via the state of Tamaulipas as far as the Catemaco region of Veracruz state.

During the extension, we will travel to the little-visited states of Michoacan and Guerrero. Both the swift and the coquette can take time to find, so we have allowed enough time to maximise our chances.

Birdquest has operated Mexico birding tours since 1987.

Itinerary in brief:

Day 1: Evening expedition start in Monterey.

Days 2-13: Working our way through Nuevo Leon, parts of Tamaulipas and Veracruz states, as far south as Catemaco.

Day 14: The expedition ends this afternoon at Mexico City airport.

Southwest Mexico Extension:

Day 1: Afternoon extension start at Mexico City.

Days 2-8: Exploring the states of Michoacan and Guerrero.

Day 9: Return to Mexico City airport for afternoon extension end.

Accommodation & Road Transport: The hotels are mostly good but sometimes of medium or simple standard. Road transport is by car or minibus/passenger van and roads are mostly good.

Walking: The walking effort will range from easy to moderate.

Climate: Generally warm or hot at lower altitudes, but cool to warm in upland areas. There will be a mix of sunny and cloudy conditions and some rain is likely. It will be rather humid in some lowland areas.

Bird Photography: Opportunities during the expedition are expected to be quite good.


Birdquest Inclusions: Our tour prices include surface transportation, accommodations, meals and entrance fees.

We also include all tipping for local guides, drivers and accommodation/restaurant staff.

Deposit: 20% of the total tour price. Our office will let you know what deposit amount is due, in order to confirm your booking, following receipt of your online booking form.

TO BOOK THIS TOUR: Click here (you will need the tour dates)

2022: £3560, $5090, €4140, AUD6560. Monterey/Mexico City.
Southwest Mexico Extension: £2090, $2990, €2430, AUD3850. Mexico City/Mexico City.

Single Supplement: 2022: £450, $650, €520, AUD830.
Southwest Mexico Extension: £280, $400, €320, AUD510.

The single supplement will not apply if you indicate on booking that you prefer to share a room and there is a room-mate of the same sex available.

This tour is priced in US Dollars. Amounts shown in other currencies are indicative.

Air Travel To & From The Tour: Our in-house IATA ticket agency will be pleased to arrange your air travel on request, or you may arrange this yourself if you prefer.

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