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Birdquest’s Serra do Divisor, Remote Brazil Expedition in July 2021 is a unique and ‘one-off’ experience. This is a first-time-ever on a birding trip, special expedition to the Serra do Divisor on the Brazil-Peru frontier in far western Acre. (Note: we are not planning on repeating this expedition for at least 5 years.)

The main target here is the recently-described, little-known Acre Antshrike (a ‘Birdquest Lifer’), which is straightforward to find at Divisor, but the expedition will surely turn up plenty of other great birds. This is a poorly-known, very rarely-visited Amazonian national park. See the current park checklist below.

We shall stay at the basic park headquarters for 6 nights. The journey involves a flight from Rio Branco to the remote town of Cruzeiro do Sul and a boat trip of roughly 10 hours the following day. Yes, we really are talking ‘Remote’!

The expedition can either be taken by itself , as a stand alone trip, or as an expedition-style extension to the 2021 Brazil’s Southwest Amazonia tour.


Day 1: Arrive Rio Branco. Evening expedition start. Overnight at Rio Branco.

Day 2: Flight to Cruzeiro do Sul. Local birding. Overnight there.

Day 3: By boat to Serra do Divisor. Overnight there.

Days 4-8: Exploring Serra do Divisor National Park. Overnights at Serra do Divisor.

Day 9: Return by boat to Cruzeiro do Sul. Overnight there.

Day 10: Local birding, then flight to Rio Branco. Afternoon expedition end at Rio Branco airport.

Accommodation & Road Transport: The hotel in Rio Branco is of a good standard. Accommodation at Cruzeiro del Sur and at Serra do Divisor is simple. The limited road transport is by car or minibus/passenger van and roads are mostly good. Most transport is by air and boat!

Walking: The walking effort will range from easy to moderate.

Climate: Generally warm or hot. There will be a mix of sunny and cloudy conditions and some rain is likely. It will be rather humid.

Bird Photography: Opportunities during the expedition are expected to be worthwhile.

Please contact our office if you would like to join the expedition.


Here is an eBird list of species recorded from the area. It is still far from complete, as ornithological observations by skilled observers in the park have, so far, been very limited.

eBird Field Checklist PN Serra do Divisor, Acre State

This checklist is generated with data from eBird (, a global database of bird sightings from birders like you. If you enjoy this checklist, please consider contributing your sightings to eBird. It is 100% free to take part, and your observations will help support birders, researchers, and conservationists worldwide. Go to to learn more!

Tinamous: Great Tinamou /Tinamus major/ White-throated Tinamou /Tinamus guttatus/ Cinereous Tinamou /Crypturellus cinereus/ Little Tinamou /Crypturellus soui/ Undulated Tinamou /Crypturellus undulatus/ Brazilian Tinamou /Crypturellus strigulosus/ Variegated Tinamou /Crypturellus variegatus/ Bartlett’s Tinamou /Crypturellus bartletti/

Waterfowl: Muscovy Duck /Cairina moschata/

Chachalacas, Guans, and Curassows: Speckled Chachalaca /Ortalis guttata/ Spix’s Guan /Penelope jacquacu/ Blue-throated Piping-Guan /Pipile cumanensis/ Razor-billed Curassow /Mitu tuberosum/

Grouse, Quail, and Allies: Starred Wood-Quail /Odontophorus stellatus/

Pigeons and Doves: Plumbeous Pigeon /Patagioenas plumbea/ Ruddy Pigeon /Patagioenas subvinacea/ Ruddy Ground Dove /Columbina talpacoti/ Ruddy Quail-Dove /Geotrygon montana/ White-tipped Dove /Leptotila verreauxi/ Grey-fronted Dove /Leptotila rufaxilla/

Cuckoos: Greater Ani /Crotophaga major/ Smooth-billed Ani /Crotophaga ani/ Squirrel Cuckoo /Piaya cayana/ Black-bellied Cuckoo /Piaya melanogaster/

Nightjars: Common Pauraque /Nyctidromus albicollis/ Ladder-tailed Nightjar /Hydropsalis climacocerca/

Potoos and Oilbird: Great Potoo /Nyctibius grandis/ Common Potoo /Nyctibius griseus/

Swifts: White-chinned Swift /Cypseloides cryptus/ White-collared Swift /Streptoprocne zonaris/ Chimney Swift /Chaetura pelagica/ Amazonian Swift /Chaetura viridipennis/ Short-tailed Swift /Chaetura brachyura/ Grey-rumped Swift /Chaetura cinereiventris/ Pale-rumped Swift /Chaetura egregia/ Lesser Swallow-tailed Swift /Panyptila cayennensis/ Fork-tailed Palm-Swift /Tachornis squamata/

Hummingbirds: Fiery Topaz /Topaza pyra/ White-necked Jacobin /Florisuga mellivora/ White-bearded Hermit /Phaethornis hispidus/ Great-billed Hermit /Phaethornis malaris/ Reddish Hermit /Phaethornis ruber/ Gould’s Jewelfront /Heliodoxa aurescens/ Long-billed Starthroat /Heliomaster longirostris/ Fork-tailed Woodnymph /Thalurania furcata/

Hoatzin: Hoatzin /Opisthocomus hoazin/

Rails, Gallinules, and Allies: Uniform Crake /Amaurolimnas concolor/ Grey-cowled Wood-Rail /Aramides cajaneus/

Finfoots: Sungrebe /Heliornis fulica/

Trumpeters: Pale-winged Trumpeter /Psophia leucoptera/

Shorebirds: Pied Lapwing /Vanellus cayanus/ Southern Lapwing /Vanellus chilensis/ Wattled Jacana /Jacana jacana/ Spotted Sandpiper /Actitis macularius/ Solitary Sandpiper /Tringa solitaria/

Gulls, Terns, and Skimmers: Black Skimmer /Rynchops niger/

Cormorants and Anhingas: Anhinga /Anhinga anhinga/

Herons, Ibis, and Allies: Rufescent Tiger-Heron /Tigrisoma lineatum/ Cocoi Heron /Ardea cocoi/ Great White Egret /Ardea alba/ Striated Heron /Butorides striata/ Capped Heron /Pilherodius pileatus/ Green Ibis /Mesembrinibis cayennensis/

Vultures, Hawks, and Allies: King Vulture /Sarcoramphus papa/ American Black Vulture /Coragyps atratus/ Turkey Vulture /Cathartes aura/ Greater Yellow-headed Vulture /Cathartes melambrotus/ Hook-billed Kite /Chondrohierax uncinatus/ Grey-headed Kite /Leptodon cayanensis/ Black Hawk-Eagle /Spizaetus tyrannus/ Ornate Hawk-Eagle /Spizaetus ornatus/ Slender-billed Kite /Helicolestes hamatus/ Plumbeous Kite /Ictinia plumbea/ Slate-coloured Hawk /Buteogallus schistaceus/ Great Black Hawk /Buteogallus urubitinga/ Roadside Hawk /Rupornis magnirostris/ White-browed Hawk /Leucopternis kuhli/ Grey-lined Hawk /Buteo nitidus/ Zone-tailed Hawk /Buteo albonotatus/

Owls: Tropical Screech-Owl /Megascops choliba/ Tawny-bellied Screech-Owl /Megascops watsonii/ Spectacled Owl /Pulsatrix perspicillata/ Amazonian Pygmy-Owl /Glaucidium hardyi/ Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl /Glaucidium brasilianum/

Trogons and Quetzals: Pavonine Quetzal /Pharomachrus pavoninus/ Black-tailed Trogon /Trogon melanurus/ Green-backed Trogon /Trogon viridis/ Amazonian Trogon /Trogon ramonianus/ Blue-crowned Trogon /Trogon curucui/ Black-throated Trogon /Trogon rufus/ Collared Trogon /Trogon collaris/

Motmots: Amazonian Motmot /Momotus momota/ Rufous Motmot /Baryphthengus martii/ Broad-billed Motmot /Electron platyrhynchum/

Kingfishers: Ringed Kingfisher /Megaceryle torquata/ Amazon Kingfisher /Chloroceryle amazona/ American Pygmy Kingfisher /Chloroceryle aenea/ Green Kingfisher /Chloroceryle americana/ Green-and-rufous Kingfisher /Chloroceryle inda/

Puffbirds and Jacamars: White-necked Puffbird /Notharchus hyperrhynchus/ Spotted Puffbird /Bucco tamatia/ Western Striolated-Puffbird /Nystalus obamai/ Semicollared Puffbird /Malacoptila semicincta/ Fulvous-chinned Nunlet /Nonnula sclateri/ Black-fronted Nunbird /Monasa nigrifrons/ White-fronted Nunbird /Monasa morphoeus/ Swallow-winged Puffbird /Chelidoptera tenebrosa/ Purus Jacamar /Galbalcyrhynchus purusianus/ White-throated Jacamar /Brachygalba albogularis/ Blue-cheeked Jacamar /Galbula cyanicollis/ Bluish-fronted Jacamar /Galbula cyanescens/ Paradise Jacamar /Galbula dea/ Great Jacamar /Jacamerops aureus/

Barbets and Toucans: Gilded Barbet /Capito auratus/ Lemon-throated Barbet /Eubucco richardsoni/ Scarlet-hooded Barbet /Eubucco tucinkae/ Southern Emerald-Toucanet /Aulacorhynchus albivitta/ Lettered Aracari /Pteroglossus inscriptus/ Chestnut-eared Aracari /Pteroglossus castanotis/ Ivory-billed Aracari /Pteroglossus azara/ Curl-crested Aracari /Pteroglossus beauharnaesii/ Golden-collared Toucanet /Selenidera reinwardtii/ White-throated Toucan /Ramphastos tucanus/ Channel-billed Toucan /Ramphastos vitellinus/

Woodpeckers: Yellow-tufted Woodpecker /Melanerpes cruentatus/ Red-necked Woodpecker /Campephilus rubricollis/ Crimson-crested Woodpecker /Campephilus melanoleucos/ Lineated Woodpecker /Dryocopus lineatus/ Ringed Woodpecker /Celeus torquatus/ Scale-breasted Woodpecker /Celeus grammicus/ Cream-coloured Woodpecker /Celeus flavus/ Chestnut Woodpecker /Celeus elegans/ Golden-green Woodpecker /Piculus chrysochloros/ Spot-breasted Woodpecker /Colaptes punctigula/

Falcons and Caracaras: Lined Forest-Falcon /Micrastur gilvicollis/ Collared Forest-Falcon /Micrastur semitorquatus/ Black Caracara /Daptrius ater/ Red-throated Caracara /Ibycter americanus/ Laughing Falcon /Herpetotheres cachinnans/ Bat Falcon /Falco rufigularis/

Parrots, Parakeets, and Allies: Amazonian Parrotlet /Nannopsittaca dachilleae/ Cobalt-winged Parakeet /Brotogeris cyanoptera/ Orange-cheeked Parrot /Pyrilia barrabandi/ Blue-headed Parrot /Pionus menstruus/ Yellow-crowned Parrot /Amazona ochrocephala/ Mealy Parrot /Amazona farinosa/ Dusky-billed Parrotlet /Forpus modestus/ White-bellied Parrot /Pionites leucogaster/ Rose-fronted Parakeet /Pyrrhura roseifrons/ Dusky-headed Parakeet /Aratinga weddellii/ Red-bellied Macaw /Orthopsittaca manilatus/ Blue-headed Macaw /Primolius couloni/ Blue-and-yellow Macaw /Ara ararauna/ Scarlet Macaw /Ara macao/ Red-and-green Macaw /Ara chloropterus/ Chestnut-fronted Macaw /Ara severus/ White-eyed Parakeet /Psittacara leucophthalmus/

Antbirds: Chestnut-shouldered Antwren /Euchrepomis humeralis/ Fasciated Antshrike /Cymbilaimus lineatus/ Great Antshrike /Taraba major/ Plain-winged Antshrike /Thamnophilus schistaceus/ Mouse-coloured Antshrike /Thamnophilus murinus/ White-shouldered Antshrike /Thamnophilus aethiops/ Acre Antshrike /Thamnophilus divisorius/ Saturnine Antshrike /Thamnomanes saturninus/ Bluish-slate Antshrike /Thamnomanes schistogynus/ Plain-throated Antwren /Isleria hauxwelli/ Spot-winged Antshrike /Pygiptila stellaris/ Rufous-backed Stipplethroat /Epinecrophylla haematonota/ Pygmy Antwren /Myrmotherula brachyura/ Sclater’s Antwren /Myrmotherula sclateri/ White-flanked Antwren /Myrmotherula axillaris/ Long-winged Antwren /Myrmotherula longipennis/ Ihering’s Antwren /Myrmotherula iheringi/ Peruvian Warbling-Antbird /Hypocnemis peruviana/ Yellow-browed Antbird /Hypocnemis hypoxantha/ Black Antbird /Cercomacroides serva/ Grey Antbird /Cercomacra cinerascens/ White-browed Antbird /Myrmoborus leucophrys/ Black-faced Antbird /Myrmoborus myotherinus/ Slate-coloured Antbird /Myrmelastes schistaceus/ Plumbeous Antbird /Myrmelastes hyperythrus/ Humaita Antbird /Myrmelastes humaythae/ Chestnut-tailed Antbird /Sciaphylax hemimelaena/ White-shouldered Antbird /Akletos melanoceps/ Sooty Antbird /Hafferia fortis/ Black-throated Antbird /Myrmophylax atrothorax/ White-throated Antbird /Oneillornis salvini/ Hairy-crested Antbird /Rhegmatorhina melanosticta/ Spot-backed Antbird /Hylophylax naevius/ Common Scale-backed Antbird /Willisornis poecilinotus/ Black-spotted Bare-eye /Phlegopsis nigromaculata/ Reddish-winged Bare-eye /Phlegopsis erythroptera/

Gnateaters and Antpittas: Chestnut-belted Gnateater /Conopophaga aurita/ Amazonian Antpitta /Hylopezus berlepschi/ Thrush-like Antpitta /Myrmothera campanisona/

Tapaculos: Rusty-belted Tapaculo /Liosceles thoracicus/

Antthrushes: Rufous-capped Antthrush /Formicarius colma/ Black-faced Antthrush /Formicarius analis/ Striated Antthrush /Chamaeza nobilis/

Leaftossers and Miners: Black-tailed Leaftosser /Sclerurus caudacutus/

Woodcreepers: Olivaceous Woodcreeper /Sittasomus griseicapillus/ White-chinned Woodcreeper /Dendrocincla merula/ Plain-brown Woodcreeper /Dendrocincla fuliginosa/ Wedge-billed Woodcreeper /Glyphorynchus spirurus/ Cinnamon-throated Woodcreeper /Dendrexetastes rufigula/ Long-billed Woodcreeper /Nasica longirostris/ Amazonian Barred-Woodcreeper /Dendrocolaptes certhia/ Black-banded Woodcreeper /Dendrocolaptes picumnus/ Elegant Woodcreeper /Xiphorhynchus elegans/ Buff-throated Woodcreeper /Xiphorhynchus guttatus/ Straight-billed Woodcreeper /Dendroplex picus/

Ovenbirds: Plain Xenops /Xenops minutus/ Streaked Xenops /Xenops rutilans/ Point-tailed Palmcreeper /Berlepschia rikeri/ Pale-legged Hornero /Furnarius leucopus/ Chestnut-winged Foliage-gleaner /Philydor erythropterum/ Cinnamon-rumped Foliage-gleaner /Philydor pyrrhodes/ Chestnut-winged Hookbill /Ancistrops strigilatus/ Ruddy Foliage-gleaner /Clibanornis rubiginosus/ Buff-throated Foliage-gleaner /Automolus ochrolaemus/ Striped Woodhaunter /Automolus subulatus/ Olive-backed Foliage-gleaner /Automolus infuscatus/ Speckled Spinetail /Cranioleuca gutturata/ Ruddy Spinetail /Synallaxis rutilans/

Manakins: Dwarf Tyrant-Manakin /Tyranneutes stolzmanni/ Blue-backed Manakin /Chiroxiphia pareola/ Blue-crowned Manakin /Lepidothrix coronata/ White-bearded Manakin /Manacus manacus/ Striolated Manakin /Machaeropterus striolatus/ Fiery-capped Manakin /Machaeropterus pyrocephalus/ White-crowned Manakin /Dixiphia pipra/ Red-headed Manakin /Ceratopipra rubrocapilla/

Cotingas: Purple-throated Fruitcrow /Querula purpurata/ Spangled Cotinga /Cotinga cayana/ Screaming Piha /Lipaugus vociferans/ Bare-necked Fruitcrow /Gymnoderus foetidus/ Black-faced Cotinga /Conioptilon mcilhennyi/

Becards, Tityras, and Allies: Masked Tityra /Tityra semifasciata/ Varzea Schiffornis /Schiffornis major/ Brown-winged Schiffornis /Schiffornis turdina/ Cinereous Mourner /Laniocera hypopyrra/ Chestnut-crowned Becard /Pachyramphus castaneus/ White-winged Becard /Pachyramphus polychopterus/ Black-capped Becard /Pachyramphus marginatus/ Pink-throated Becard /Pachyramphus minor/

Sharpbill, Royal Flycatcher, and Allies: Royal Flycatcher /Onychorhynchus coronatus/ Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher /Terenotriccus erythrurus/ Black-tailed Flycatcher /Myiobius atricaudus/

Tyrant Flycatchers: Elaenias, Tyrannulets, and Allies: Wing-barred Piprites /Piprites chloris/ Golden-crowned Spadebill /Platyrinchus coronatus/ Ochre-bellied Flycatcher /Mionectes oleagineus/ Sepia-capped Flycatcher /Leptopogon amaurocephalus/ Short-tailed Pygmy-Tyrant /Myiornis ecaudatus/ Double-banded Pygmy-Tyrant /Lophotriccus vitiosus/ Flammulated Pygmy-Tyrant /Hemitriccus flammulatus/ Zimmer’s Tody-Tyrant /Hemitriccus minimus/ Yellow-browed Tody-Flycatcher /Todirostrum chrysocrotaphum/ Brownish Twistwing /Cnipodectes subbrunneus/ Yellow-margined Flycatcher /Tolmomyias assimilis/ Grey-crowned Flycatcher /Tolmomyias poliocephalus/ White-lored Tyrannulet /Ornithion inerme/ Yellow-crowned Tyrannulet /Tyrannulus elatus/ Forest Elaenia /Myiopagis gaimardii/ Grey Elaenia /Myiopagis caniceps/ Slender-footed Tyrannulet /Zimmerius gracilipes/

Tyrant Flycatchers: Pewees, Kingbirds, and Allies: Euler’s Flycatcher /Lathrotriccus euleri/ Eastern Wood-Pewee /Contopus virens/ Drab Water Tyrant /Ochthornis littoralis/ Long-tailed Tyrant /Colonia colonus/ Rufous-tailed Flatbill /Ramphotrigon ruficauda/ Citron-bellied Attila /Attila citriniventris/ Bright-rumped Attila /Attila spadiceus/ White-rumped Sirystes /Sirystes albocinereus/ Greyish Mourner /Rhytipterna simplex/ Dusky-capped Flycatcher /Myiarchus tuberculifer/ Short-crested Flycatcher /Myiarchus ferox/ Great Kiskadee /Pitangus sulphuratus/ Boat-billed Flycatcher /Megarynchus pitangua/ Rusty-margined Flycatcher /Myiozetetes cayanensis/ Social Flycatcher /Myiozetetes similis/ Grey-capped Flycatcher /Myiozetetes granadensis/ Dusky-chested Flycatcher /Myiozetetes luteiventris/ Yellow-throated Flycatcher /Conopias parvus/ Piratic Flycatcher /Legatus leucophaius/ Sulphury Flycatcher /Tyrannopsis sulphurea/ Tropical Kingbird /Tyrannus melancholicus/ Eastern Kingbird /Tyrannus tyrannus/

Vireos: Tawny-crowned Greenlet /Tunchiornis ochraceiceps/ Dusky-capped Greenlet /Pachysylvia hypoxantha/ Chivi Vireo /Vireo chivi/

Jays, Magpies, Crows, and Ravens: Violaceous Jay /Cyanocorax violaceus/

Donacobius: Black-capped Donacobius /Donacobius atricapilla/

Martins and Swallows: White-thighed Swallow /Atticora tibialis/ White-banded Swallow /Atticora fasciata/ Southern Rough-winged Swallow /Stelgidopteryx ruficollis/ Brown-chested Martin /Progne tapera/ White-winged Swallow /Tachycineta albiventer/

Gnatcatchers: Long-billed Gnatwren /Ramphocaenus melanurus/

Wrens: Scaly-breasted Wren /Microcerculus marginatus/ House Wren /Troglodytes aedon/ Thrush-like Wren /Campylorhynchus turdinus/ Moustached Wren /Pheugopedius genibarbis/ Buff-breasted Wren /Cantorchilus leucotis/

Thrushes: White-necked Thrush /Turdus albicollis/ Lawrence’s Thrush /Turdus lawrencii/ Black-billed Thrush /Turdus ignobilis/

Finches, Euphonias, and Allies: Thick-billed Euphonia /Euphonia laniirostris/ Golden-bellied Euphonia /Euphonia chrysopasta/ White-vented Euphonia /Euphonia minuta/ Rufous-bellied Euphonia /Euphonia rufiventris/

New World Sparrows: Yellow-browed Sparrow /Ammodramus aurifrons/

Blackbirds: Red-breasted Meadowlark /Leistes militaris/ Green Oropendola /Psarocolius viridis/ Crested Oropendola /Psarocolius decumanus/ Olive Oropendola /Psarocolius bifasciatus/ Solitary Black Cacique /Cacicus solitarius/ Yellow-rumped Cacique /Cacicus cela/ Band-tailed Cacique /Cacicus latirostris/ Casqued Cacique /Cacicus oseryi/ Epaulet Oriole /Icterus cayanensis/ Shiny Cowbird /Molothrus bonariensis/ Giant Cowbird /Molothrus oryzivorus/ Velvet-fronted Grackle /Lampropsar tanagrinus/

Wood-Warblers: Buff-rumped Warbler /Myiothlypis fulvicauda/

Mitrospingid Tanagers: Red-billed Pied Tanager /Lamprospiza melanoleuca/

Cardinals, Grosbeaks, and Allies: Amazonian Grosbeak /Cyanoloxia rothschildii/

Tanagers and Allies: Red-capped Cardinal /Paroaria gularis/ Magpie Tanager /Cissopis leverianus/ Fulvous-crested Tanager /Tachyphonus surinamus/ White-shouldered Tanager /Tachyphonus luctuosus/ White-winged Shrike-Tanager /Lanio versicolor/ Silver-beaked Tanager /Ramphocelus carbo/ Masked Crimson Tanager /Ramphocelus nigrogularis/ Blue-grey Tanager /Thraupis episcopus/ Palm Tanager /Thraupis palmarum/ Yellow-bellied Tanager /Ixothraupis xanthogastra/ Masked Tanager /Stilpnia nigrocincta/ Turquoise Tanager /Tangara mexicana/ Paradise Tanager /Tangara chilensis/ Opal-crowned Tanager /Tangara callophrys/ Green-and-gold Tanager /Tangara schrankii/ Short-billed Honeycreeper /Cyanerpes nitidus/ Purple Honeycreeper /Cyanerpes caeruleus/ Guira Tanager /Hemithraupis guira/ Blue-black Grassquit /Volatinia jacarina/ Chestnut-bellied Seedeater /Sporophila castaneiventris/ Chestnut-bellied Seed-Finch /Sporophila angolensis/ Buff-throated Saltator /Saltator maximus/ Greyish Saltator /Saltator coerulescens/ Slate-coloured Grosbeak /Saltator grossus/


Birdquest Inclusions: Our tour prices include surface transportation, accommodations, meals and entrance fees.

We also include all tipping for local guides, drivers and accommodation/restaurant staff.

Deposit: 20% of the total expedition price. Our office will let you know what deposit amount is due, in order to confirm your booking, following receipt of your online booking form.

TO BOOK THIS TOUR: Click here (you will need the tour dates)

The single supplement will not apply if you indicate on booking that you prefer to share a room and there is a room-mate of the same sex available.

Single accommodation may not be available at Serra do Divisor. If any single accommodation is available there will be no extra charge.

This tour is priced in US Dollars. Amounts shown in other currencies are indicative.

Air Travel To & From The Tour: Our in-house IATA ticket agency will be pleased to arrange your air travel on request, or you may arrange this yourself if you prefer.

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