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Simon Mitchell

Simon Mitchell

Simon Mitchell currently lives in East Yorkshire, England and is a talented young bird guide. Simon began birding very early in his childhood around the local marshes and gravel-pits of his native South Yorkshire. Whilst studying his bachelor’s degree in Ecology at the University of East Anglia, his passion for birding soon took him further afield on both independent birding travels and scientific research trips. These have so far included long periods in subSaharan Africa, Madagascar, Borneo, Australia, the United States, South America (where he learned Spanish), the Caribbean and continental Europe. He already has quite extensive guiding experience, extending from the United States to Ecuador and Trinidad & Tobago and from subSaharan Africa to Madagascar, Borneo and Australia. Simon’s scientific research has varied from assessing the impact of oil palm plantations on the Bornean avifauna to mist-net based studies in Ecuador and investigating the effects of parasites upon the grazing regimes of African Buffalo! He has already published a number of scientific papers and is currently completing his masters degree. He is enjoying studying the bird communities of South Africa whilst conducting the remainder of his fieldwork there. He enjoys guiding birding groups and has a warm and pleasant yet professional style which we think will soon make him a very popular Birdquest leader.


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Simon Mitchell will be leading the following tours:

BEST OF SOUTH AFRICA Saturday 5th October 2019 - Saturday 19th October 2019