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Juan Carlos Calvachi

Juan Carlos Calvachi

Juan Carlos Calvachi lives near Quito and is widely regarded as the finest Ecuadorian bird guide, with truly remarkable field skills, including very extensive knowledge of vocalizations. He graduated from Cenestur University, Quito in 2006 with a degree in Technology and Tourism and is one of the few bird guides in Ecuador with a guiding licence from the Ministry of Tourism. Juan Carlos owns a pleasant guesthouse outside the city, run by his wife Paulina. They have two sons and a daughter. He speaks fluent English, as well as Spanish, French and Italian. Juan Carolos developed an interest in nature through travelling with his father, who was both a driver and guide. He started guiding bird tours in 1996 and was very highly thought of by the late Paul Coopmans, amongst others.


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Juan Carlos Calvachi will be leading the following tours:

SOUTHERN ECUADOR Friday 17th January 2020 - Saturday 1st February 2020
Southwest Ecuador Extension: 1st February — 3rd February
BEST OF ECUADOR Tuesday 2nd June 2020 - Sunday 14th June 2020
ULTIMATE ECUADOR Tuesday 1st September 2020 - Saturday 26th September 2020
Part I: Northern Ecuador: 1st September — 17th September
Part II: Amazonian Ecuador: 17th September — 26th September