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Craig Robson

Craig Robson

Craig Robson lives in Norwich, England. A professional ornithologist, author and artist, specializing in Asian birds, Craig was born in the Midlands but moved to Shetland in 1978 during the early years of the oil boom to earn enough to finance extended travels overseas and to enjoy the many rare birds that the islands attract.

He has spent many years in the field in Asia (from the Himalayas, China and Japan southwards to Sri Lanka, mainland Southeast Asia and Indonesia), often visiting remote areas that have been only rarely explored in the past and has experience of around 2300 species in that continent! He has carried out pioneering surveys of Western Tragopans in Pakistan, Gurney’s Pittas in Thailand and rare pheasants and other forest birds in Vietnam, and has spent some time working on the distribution of Asia’s restricted range birds for BirdLife International’s Biodiversity Project.

His remarkable knowledge of Asian birds culminated in the publication of the definitive A Field Guide to the Birds of South-East Asia (2000) and A Field Guide to the Birds of Thailand (2002).

More recently Craig has co-published texts on the parrotbills and babblers for Handbook of the Birds of the World. As well as Asia, Craig has also birded extensively in Madagascar and increasingly in Australasia and in North America (including Alaska, Colorado and many other areas).


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Craig Robson will be leading the following tours:

CAMBODIA & LAOS Wednesday 13th February 2019 - Thursday 28th February 2019
VIETNAM Saturday 2nd March 2019 - Saturday 23rd March 2019
Fansipan Extension: 23rd March — 26th March
COLORADO Wednesday 3rd April 2019 - Monday 15th April 2019
SICHUAN & YUNNAN Sunday 19th May 2019 - Friday 7th June 2019
Northern Yunnan Extension: 16th May — 19th May
THE MALAY PENINSULA Thursday 18th July 2019 - Sunday 28th July 2019
Panti Forest & Rail-babbler Extension: 28th July — 1st August
THE LESSER SUNDAS Friday 9th August 2019 - Monday 26th August 2019
Bali & East Java Extension: 3rd August — 9th August
INDONESIA'S SOUTHERN MOLUCCAS Friday 6th September 2019 - Monday 23rd September 2019
BORNEO: SABAH Saturday 12th October 2019 - Saturday 26th October 2019
BORNEO: SARAWAK & KALIMANTAN Saturday 26th October 2019 - Friday 8th November 2019
CAMBODIA & LAOS Thursday 13th February 2020 - Friday 28th February 2020
ALASKA Friday 29th May 2020 - Thursday 11th June 2020
Pribilofs Extension: 26th May — 29th May
Barrow Extension: 11th June — 14th June
SUMATRA & JAVA Wednesday 24th June 2020 - Wednesday 8th July 2020
Java Extension: 8th July — 17th July
THE LESSER SUNDAS Sunday 9th August 2020 - Wednesday 26th August 2020
Bali & East Java Extension: 3rd August — 9th August
BEYOND SULAWESI Saturday 12th September 2020 - Saturday 3rd October 2020
ULTIMATE MADAGASCAR Tuesday 13th October 2020 - Friday 30th October 2020
Southeastern Madagascar Extension: 30th October — 3rd November
SOUTHERN INDIA & SRI LANKA Tuesday 17th November 2020 - Saturday 12th December 2020
Part I: Southern India & The Andamans: 17th November — 2nd December
Part II: Sri Lanka: 2nd December — 12th December