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Mark Pearman

Mark Pearman

Mark Pearman lives with his wife Alejandra and their sons Ian and Luca in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Born in London, Mark initiated his birding career at the age of nine in the North Kent marshes. After whetting his appetite for international birding in Europe, Asia, Africa and North and Central America, by 1986 he was hooked on South America and has since carried out some very extensive and often pioneering exploration from the Darien Gap of Colombia south to the uninhabited islands and peninsulas of Tierra del Fuego, focussing much of his research since 1991 on the Southern Cone region where his main interests include biogeography, taxonomy and vocalizations. His studies in Argentina and Paraguay have served as the basis for far-reaching conservation programmes and initiatives. He was a founder member of the Neotropical Bird Club and has published numerous papers on South American ornithology and two books, including Annotated Checklist to the Birds of Argentina (2001). Currently he is completing a much-needed new guide to this huge country.


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Mark Pearman will be leading the following tours:

NORTHERN ARGENTINA Saturday 13th October 2018 - Sunday 4th November 2018
ULTIMATE CHILE Sunday 18th November 2018 - Sunday 2nd December 2018
Southern Chile Extension: 2nd December — 7th December
NORTHERN ARGENTINA Saturday 12th October 2019 - Sunday 3rd November 2019
SOUTHERN & CENTRAL ARGENTINA Sunday 24th November 2019 - Sunday 8th December 2019
Tierra del Fuego Extension: 8th December — 12th December
Córdoba Extension: 21st November — 24th November