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Julien Mazenauer

Julien Mazenauer

Julien Mazenauer lives in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, with his partner Hélène. Birding in his home country since the early age of 10, he quickly expanded his experience across the Western Palearctic, which he has covered extensively. He started guiding short excursions in Switzerland at the age of 17 and then full tours in the rest of the world. His first trip to Costa Rica as leader was like a revelation and he decided to work towards a career in bird tour leading.

Julien has a master’s degree in conservation biology from the University of Bern. His thesis was on habitat selection by birds in the vineyards of southern Switzerland. He also spent over three months as field assistant, studying habitat selection of birds in the highlands of Ethiopia. As a result, Julien has a strong background in bird ecology and evolution.

When back in Switzerland, Julien devotes much of his time to birding the four corners of the country and monitoring birdlife for the Swiss Ornithological Institute. He is very active at finding vagrants and has become a specialist in bird identification. Julien coordinates rarity-research weekends where dozens of birdwatchers are looking for vagrants in strategic locations across the country. He has also been in charge of the bird ringing station at the Col de Jaman in the Swiss Alps.

Julien's passion for overseas birding travels has taken him to five continents, including prolonged periods in Southeast Asia, New Guinea, Africa, Costa Rica and South America. He has a special interest in Andean birds and its extremely diverse avifauna, an interest that developed from his first travels outside Europe in Ecuador and Peru. His interests are much broader than the Andes, however, and in West Papua, just to give a single example, he has seen a remarkable number of specialities, even climbing high up into the icy mountains to observe Snow Mountain Robin! As well as birds, Julien also likes spending time outside at night looking for mammals, reptiles, spiders and insects.


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Julien Mazenauer will be leading the following tours:

ULTIMATE PAPUA NEW GUINEA Sunday 25th August 2019 - Wednesday 11th September 2019
New Britain Extension: 11th September — 15th September
NAMIBIA & THE OKAVANGO Monday 23rd September 2019 - Tuesday 8th October 2019
BEST OF SOUTH AFRICA Thursday 10th October 2019 - Thursday 24th October 2019
ULTIMATE SOUTH AFRICA Friday 8th November 2019 - Sunday 1st December 2019
CLASSIC PHILIPPINES Saturday 11th January 2020 - Sunday 2nd February 2020
BEST OF COSTA RICA Monday 24th February 2020 - Monday 9th March 2020
ULTIMATE COSTA RICA Friday 13th March 2020 - Sunday 5th April 2020
ULTIMATE WEST PAPUA Friday 3rd July 2020 - Thursday 30th July 2020
BEST OF WEST PAPUA Sunday 16th August 2020 - Sunday 30th August 2020
NAMIBIA & OKAVANGO Thursday 24th September 2020 - Tuesday 6th October 2020
ULTIMATE SOUTH AFRICA Saturday 10th October 2020 - Monday 2nd November 2020
ULTIMATE ETHIOPIA Sunday 15th November 2020 - Wednesday 2nd December 2020
Gondar & White-headed Babbler Extension: 2nd December — 5th December
WESTERN SAHARA Wednesday 17th March 2021 - Wednesday 24th March 2021
GEORGIA: THE CAUCASUS Wednesday 28th April 2021 - Wednesday 5th May 2021
MOROCCO Wednesday 12th May 2021 - Sunday 23rd May 2021