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Nik Borrow

Nik Borrow

Nik Borrow lives in Norfolk, England. As well as being a Birdquest Senior Leader, Nik is also a major illustrator of the Birdquest website and before that our much-missed paper brochures.

His formal Fine Art training was undertaken at Wimbledon School of Art, where subsequently he taught art for some years. Always a keen birdwatcher, his two main interests finally merged when he turned professional bird artist.

An enthusiastic traveller, Nik’s birding travels have taken him to many places in Europe and its surroundings, Siberia, Mongolia, China, Tibet, Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and North and South America, but his major interest is the birds of sub-Saharan Africa.

He has travelled very extensively throughout Africa over more than three decades and has accumulated a wealth of experience during the extensive time he has spent in the field. He is co-author and sole illustrator of the definitive and critically acclaimed Birds of Western Africa (2001), which has now been published in both English and French versions and also Birds of Ghana (2010) and Birds of Senegal and The Gambia (2011). He also prepared the distribution maps for Birds of the Horn of Africa (2009).


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Nik Borrow will be leading the following tours:

SENEGAL Monday 4th February 2019 - Sunday 17th February 2019
Saloum Delta Extension: 17th February — 20th February
BEST OF GHANA Thursday 7th March 2019 - Thursday 21st March 2019
ULTIMATE KENYA Monday 1st April 2019 - Tuesday 23rd April 2019
Masai Mara Extension: 23rd April — 26th April
BEST OF KENYA Sunday 28th April 2019 - Sunday 12th May 2019
BULGARIA Thursday 16th May 2019 - Thursday 23rd May 2019
SHOEBILLS & GORILLAS OF UGANDA Monday 22nd July 2019 - Thursday 1st August 2019
BEST OF ETHIOPIA Tuesday 1st October 2019 - Saturday 12th October 2019
BEST OF GHANA Sunday 3rd November 2019 - Sunday 17th November 2019
ZAMBIA: AFRICAN PITTA SPECIAL Thursday 5th December 2019 - Thursday 12th December 2019
Zimbabwe Extension: 12th December — 16th December
BEST OF GHANA Saturday 7th March 2020 - Saturday 21st March 2020
ULTIMATE KENYA Wednesday 1st April 2020 - Thursday 23rd April 2020
Masai Mara Extension: 23rd April — 26th April
BEST OF KENYA Tuesday 28th April 2020 - Tuesday 12th May 2020
BELARUS Thursday 14th May 2020 - Friday 22nd May 2020
Northern Belarus Extension: 11th May — 14th May
SHOEBILLS & GORILLAS OF UGANDA Wednesday 22nd July 2020 - Saturday 1st August 2020
BEST OF ETHIOPIA Thursday 1st October 2020 - Monday 12th October 2020
BEST OF GHANA Tuesday 3rd November 2020 - Tuesday 17th November 2020
ULTIMATE GHANA Thursday 19th November 2020 - Wednesday 9th December 2020