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Michael Mills

Michael Mills

Michael Mills lives in Cape Town, South Africa. He grew up in the Kalahari and Kruger National Parks, where his biologist father studied large carnivores. It was birds, however, that caught his eye, and after school he studied ornithology and conservation biology at the University of Cape Town. Michael has always enjoyed sharing his love for birds with others, and was already guiding visitors around Kruger during his school holidays. For the past 15 years he has been combining leading bird tours throughout Africa, and studying bird and running bird conservation projects, especially in Angola. He has published more than 50 peer-reviewed publications on birds, and is currently working on books about the birds of Angola and birding in Africa. While his main interest is in Africa, he has also birded in South America, Asia, Europe and Australia, and is a keen family lister. While his main focus has always been birds, he also has a strong interest in mammals, and has travelled to Svalbard to see Polar Bears, India to see Tigers and Brazil for Maned Wolf.


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Michael Mills will be leading the following tours:

SNOW LEOPARD SPECIAL: LADAKH Thursday 1st March 2018 - Wednesday 14th March 2018