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Robert Gallardo

Robert Gallardo

Robert Gallardo (pronounced Gal-ardo not Guy-ardo) lives at Lake Yojoa in central Honduras with his partner Olivia. Robert, who is an North American migrant to Central America (he was brought up in California) is now the leading authority on the birds of Honduras. The author of the new and definitive 'Birds of Honduras', Robert has an extraordinary, unsurpassed knowledge of the avifauna of his adopted country. He has remarkable field skills, is a great bird-finder and is a delight to spend time with. Robert has a great interest in promoting conservation in Honduras and is personally involved in many protection initiatives and also helps to encourage, mentor and train young Hondurans as bird guides for what is still a very young industry in this little-birded part of the world.


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Robert Gallardo will be leading the following tours:

HONDURAS Friday 8th March 2019 - Friday 22nd March 2019
Ocellated Quail Extension: 5th March — 8th March