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Chikara Otani

Chikara Otani

Chikara Otani lives in Tokyo. Birding since his early years, Otani spent some time at school in England before setting off on travels which have taken him throughout the world in pursuit of birds (he even rediscovered Roborovski’s Rosefinch on the Tibetan plateau!). He currently works as a freelance environmental consultant, specializing in raptors, in particular Mountain Hawk-Eagle. He also has an in-depth knowledge of the flora and fauna of the entire Japanese archipelago. When not working or birding overseas, Otani indulges a keen interest in the vocalizations and taxonomy of Japanese birds and has recently published a paper in the OBC bulletin where he suggests that several more Japanese taxa merit elevation to endemic species status.


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Chikara Otani will be leading the following tours:

ULTIMATE JAPAN Tuesday 21st May 2019 - Monday 3rd June 2019
Hokkaido Extension: 3rd June — 8th June
Bonin Islands Extension: 15th May — 21st May
JAPAN IN WINTER Wednesday 19th February 2020 - Thursday 5th March 2020
Pelagic Extension: 5th March — 7th March