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Our special South China expedition of April 2019 has now concluded. It was a real adventure and a real triumph.

The most significant feature of the expedition was our discovery of a new and unsuspected site for the endangered White-eared Night Heron. Three individuals were seen on successive visits. There are currently no reliable sites elsewhere to see this special bird.

In addition we observed a series of superb Silver Orioles, one of the most poorly known birds in mainland Asia. So far as I am aware, this was the first time this endangered species has been seen on a bird tour.

A splendid series of Birdquest Lifers consisted of:

Hainan Partridge

Hainan Peacock-Pheasant

Chinese Barbet

Silver Oriole

Hainan Leaf Warbler

Nonggang Babbler

Hainan Laughingthrush (an upcoming split from Black-throated)

Other notable specialities included:

White-necklaced Partridge (2 males seen in one day!)

Cabot's Tragopan

Elliot's Pheasant

White-eared Night Heron

Blyth's Kingfisher (now a very tough bird to find anywhere)

Fairy Pitta

White-winged Magpie

Hartert's Leaf Warbler

Limestone Leaf Warbler

Spot-necked Babbler

Rufous-cheeked Laughingthrush

Buffy Laughingthrush

Yellow-billed Nuthatch

All in all a fantastic trip. Congratulations to our sturdy team of explorers!

Mark Beaman