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We are pleased to provide regular grant aid to conservation-orientated projects in most of the world. We have been making grants to small-scale conservation projects across the world since 1982, but rather than find such projects to aid ourselves (we only learn of the existence of a small minority of such projects), we nowadays prefer those organizing such projects to apply to us.

A next round of grants will be awarded in summer 2019, in a range of USD 500 to 5000 (or equivalent) per grant. The deadline for applications is 31 March 2019.

Admissible projects must be conservation-orientated and involve birds or mammals that feature on Birdquest tours.

Projects can be focussed anywhere in the world, except the following countries (where conservation funds are much more widely available):

EU/EEA countries

United States of America




New Zealand

Applications should be in English and consist of a letter of application summarizing the project and the amount of grant applied for, plus a more extensive synopsis of the project (at least 1500 words) and any supporting letters that are relevant.

If funding is being sought from other sources, this must be detailed (both source and amount sought/granted). Projects where Birdquest funding will amount to under one-third of the total funding will not be admissible.

Applications should be submitted to:

Mark Beaman

Managing Director

Birdquest Ltd

email: markasbeaman@gmail.com