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The selection of links below are to some of our personal favourite sites. Rather than trying to link to every birding-orientated site available, we have tried to pick out some of the best.

African Bird Club (ABC)
A UK registered charity that aims to promote a worldwide focus for ornithology and nature conservation within Continental Africa, the Indian Ocean islands west of East, and the Atlantic Ocean on or east of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Membership not only aids conservation but also ensures that you receive the clubs' excellent publications.

BirdBase from Santa Barbara Software
"Nearly all birders who declare life lists over 6000 in the latest American Birding Association List Report, and use computers, use BirdBase plus BirdArea. It is the software most widely used by all those over the 1400 species reporting threshold."

BirdLife International
Based in Cambridge, BirdLife International are the hub for bird conservation efforts around the world through their network of partners.

BirdLife International Data Zone
An excellent and up-to-date resource for finding out the status of the world's threatened bird species and all related information.

British Ornithologists' Union
"The BOU's aim is to promote ornithology within the scientific and birdwatching communities by encouraging the study of birds in Britain, Europe and throughout the world in order to understand their biology and to aid their conservation. This is achieved in a number of ways, the most important of which is the publication of our quarterly international journal, Ibis."

CJ WildBird Foods
"The company was founded in 1987 by Chris and Ben Whittles, in response to a demand for quality, safe, nutritionally-formulated wild bird foods. Owned and run by ornithologists and working closely with both the RSPB and the BTO, CJ WildBird Foods is leading the field in research and product development. Now one of the largest and most successful specialist wild bird food companies in the world."

Dutch Birding Association
"Information on the latest issues of the journal Dutch Birding, other activities of the DBA and the Dutch rarities committee (CDNA). Do not forget to browse through the recent sightings (with photographs) or to test your bird identification skills in Masters of Mystery, the Dutch Birding mystery bird competition, even if you are not a subscriber to Dutch Birding. In each round, one free one-year subscription to Dutch Birding is available for the best non-subscriber!"

"Fatbirder is aiming to be the most comprehensive signpost to birding on the web; with 1400+ pages and over 6,000 links it is already the most extensive of its kind. Our ambition is to link birders worldwide and have every country, US state, Canadian and Australian province and UK county introduced by a local birder. In addition we carry many pages of information of interest to everyone from the rank beginner to professional ornithologists."

The Birdquest checklists are powered by our partner iGoTerra (www.igoterra.com) who provide web and mobile applications for bird and wildlife enthusiasts and businesses. Their suite of services cover observations, rankings, lists, photos and trip management tools.

Lynx Edicions
Visit this excellent site for previews of the spectacular Handbook of Birds of the World as well as other excellent books such as Threatened Birds of the World from BirdLife International. Also an excellent links section, "Lynx Links"!

Mike Watson's Website
If you thought Mike was just the guy in the office who answers the phone you'd be wrong! Check out his website to see what he has been up to lately. Many great photos and some personal accounts of some of our tours!

Neotropical Bird Club (NBC)
A UK registered charity that aims to promote a worldwide focus for ornithology and nature conservation within South and Central America and the Caribbean. Membership not only aids conservation but also ensures that you receive the clubs' excellent publications.

NHBS (Natural History Book Service)
NHBS is the world's largest natural history/environmental bookshop, and a browse of their extraordinarily diverse book catalog proves the point. If they do not stock the bird or other natural history book you want, it is going to be hard to find! Anyone who loves books can spend hours here.

Nik Borrow
The website of our very own Mr Africa. Find out more about Nik, have a look through his artwork and see hundreds of beautifully presented images from our tours!

Norfolk Nature
Norfolk Nature is a website run by our very own Simon Harrap and his wife Anne. Highlights of the site include some wonderful photographs (much of it featuring Simon's other passion orchids), Norfolk wildlife news, and book information, and they even offer guided wildlife walks in Norfolk.

Oriental Bird Club (OBC)
Ornithological Society of the Middle East (OSME) A UK registered charity that aims to promote a worldwide focus for ornithology and nature conservation within the region spanning from Egypt through Turkey and Arabia to Iran. Membership not only aids conservation but also ensures that you receive the clubs' excellent publications.

Oriental Bird Images (OBI)
Administered by the OBC, this is a fantastic and extensive library of images of oriental birds that is free to use and browse through.

This is the personal website of Dave Farrow, and includes material collected over many years of travelling, much of it spent in the Oriental region. The site presents sights and sounds of birds and other wildlife from around the world, including many images from our tours.

SRB Photographic
For all Digiscoping adapters and other digiscoping kit. If you've been baffled as to how to connect a camera to a scope, give these friendly guys a try. If there's a way to do it, they'll know how.

"An international mail-order company that will deliver your specialist books direct to your door. With thousands of titles to choose from, including all the latest releases, we are confident you will find something of interest."

Look out here for the latest photos of rare birds from around the world, including many from our tours. "We're a group of birding friends from Britain and America who decided to team up on a joint Anglo-American website. Bringing the best birding articles from both sides of the Atlantic onto one website, we hope to have created something unique."

"For almost 100 years now we have been experts in the processing and grinding of glass and for over fifty years we have made it our goal to transfer all this knowledge into innovative and top-quality optical instruments for birders. In buying a Swarovski product you acquire not only the highest quality instrument, but you are also supporting a socio-environmental program that we see as an absolutely essential basis for responsible and lasting management."

"WildSounds is a leading international supplier of bird and wildlife sound guides on CD and cassette. Our extensive catalogue also includes gentle atmosphere recordings, videos, CD-ROMs and Field Recording Equipment. We have successfully launched a comprehensive natural history mail-order book shop. Order Online or Offline to take advantage of POSTFREE delivery in the UK and many discounted prices, even on new titles! In addition, Wildsounds will make a small donation to a conservation charity of our choice for each purchase made!"

World Bird Information
This impressive site is the work of Birdquest client John Penhallurick, and aims to give detailed information on the nomenclature and taxonomy of the birds of the world. " I have been working for some time on what I hope will be the most comprehensive database about the birds of the world, both extant, and extinct since 1600."

"WorldTwitch provides the latest news about rare birds around the world, trip reports by birding experts, the most comprehensive links to websites on world birding, discussion boards for the exchange of birding information, and selections of books recommended for world birders."

An excellent free resource, with sounds of a huge number of Neotropical bird species.