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Custom Tours & Extensions

Over the years we have created many customized private tours and extensions for individuals, couples, small groups of friends, clubs and societies, and even for other tour operators.

You may not be able to go at the same time of year as one of our standard tours, or you may want a different pace of tour, or a different itinerary, or a mixture of birding and photography, or birding and culture, or the pleasure of travelling with a group of friends or club/society members.

Alternatively, you might want to travel out early, or stay on after a standard Birdquest tour in order to enjoy a customized extension in search of some additional wanted birds.

Whatever your requirements, we will be happy to help.

If you are interested in such a custom tour or extension, please get in touch. We can create and quote for just about any itinerary that interests you anywhere in the world. We can provide one of the Birdquest guides, or you can opt for a local bird guide, or, if you feel happy about locating the birds for yourselves, just a local courier-guide or driver-guide.

If you want us to supply one of the Birdquest guides, you may have to book up your custom tour or extension well in advance, but we can often arrange tours with local bird guides (or just a courier-guide or driver-guide) at short notice.

If there are 6 or more people in the group, the cost of a custom tour or extension with a Birdquest guide may well be lower than for one of our standard Birdquest tours. If a local bird guide is involved then the cost will often be considerably lower. For larger groups the savings will be greater still.

Custom tours or extensions for very few people (1-3) with a Birdquest guide will usually be more expensive per person, but again if a local bird guide is involved, or if you are willing to do without a bird guide, then costs can be greatly reduced.