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Thursday 26th July - Sunday 12th August 2007

Nigel Redman

A total of 545 species was a good tally for a two-week itinerary. In addition, some 55 species of mammals were seen on the tour. The bird list included no fewer than 75 regional specialities, as well as 14 herons, 38 raptors, 7 kingfishers, 8 bee-eaters, 11 hornbills, 13 barbets, 16 greenbuls, 22 thrushes and chats, 18 cisticolas, 14 starlings, 21 sunbirds and 42 weavers. There were many individual highlights, but notable sightings included several magnificent perched African Crowned Eagles, a spectacular mid-air clash between a Martial Eagle and a Tawny Eagle, a pair of mating Little Sparrowhawks, a co-operative African Finfoot, a secretive White-spotted Flufftail, a pair of roosting Heuglin’s Coursers, a pair of vagrant African Skimmers in Nairobi, amazing views of all four species of sandgrouse, comical parties of Great Blue Turacos, an all-too-brief African Broadbill, gorgeous Golden Pipits, stunning Golden-breasted Starlings, and an obliging flock of Grey-crested Helmet Shrikes. We also saw many Lions, five Cheetahs and a Leopard, but the mammalian highlight was witnessing a magnificent river crossing of wildebeest and zebras in the Mara.