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Thursday 17th March - Tuesday 22nd March 2011

Mark Van Beirs

The well-known, sundrenched Caribbean island of Jamaica was made famous by Bob Marley and his reggae music, by several James Bond movies and by the rastafari movement identified amongst others by their unique dreadlocks. Sadly the international traveller also has a rather negative point of view of this scenic island as drug related crime is rampant is some areas. Luckily for the worldbirder all the endemics can be seen in perfectly safe areas and that is exactly where we birded on our recent tour. We observed most of the Jamaican single island endemics and saw the majority of the possible multi-island endemics. Highlights of this short tour included the endearing Red-billed and Black-billed Streamertails, the adorable Jamaican Tody, the smashing Chestnut-bellied Cuckoo, the splendid Jamaican Owl, the bizarre Northern Potoo and the subtle Jamaican Blackbird. A total of 81 species was recorded, including all but one of the 28 endemics.