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Sunday 9th September - Friday 5th October 2018


The superbly named Satanic Nightjar is one of those must see birds on Sulawesi (Craig Robson)

The superbly named Satanic Nightjar is one of those must see birds on Sulawesi (Craig Robson)

With an ever-evolving and improving itinerary this fantastic tour continues to produce the goods. With our first ever visit to the North Moluccan islands of Morotai and Bacan, the addition of Obi as a post-tour extension and further explorations in the Lompobattang mountains of SW Sulawesi, we were able to amass an impressive total of 320 species, including as many as nine or more Birdquest lifers. Some of the more memorable highlights during this island-endemic-rich tour were: Maleo, Moluccan Megapode, Pygmy Eagle, Oriental Plover, Sulawesi and Moluccan Woodcocks, Great Cuckoo-Dove, Carunculated Fruit Dove, Sombre Pigeon, 10 species of owl, Moluccan Owlet-Nightjar, Azure Dollarbird, 15 species of kingfisher, Purple-bearded Bee-eater, Sulawesi, North Moluccan and Ivory-breasted Pittas, Obi Myzomela, Dusky Friarbird, Maroon- backed and Cinnamon-breasted Whistlers, Piping Crow, all three Paradise-crows, lekking Standardwings, Hylocitrea, Lompobattang and Halmahera Leaf Warblers, Malia, Morotai, Halmahera, Bacan and Obi White-eyes, Sulawesi, Northern White-necked and Southern White-necked Mynas, Fiery-browed and Grosbeak Starlings, Red-backed and Sulawesi Thrushes, Geomalia, Matinan and Lompobattang Flycatchers, and Great Shortwing. There were also some very good mammal highlights: Bear, Obi and Small Sulawesi Cuscuses, Spectral Tarsier, Moor and Celebes Crested Macaques, and the lovely Sulawesi Giant Squirrel. With butterfly enthusiasts and experts on board, we also tallied an impressive 45 species, with the cream-of-the-crop being the ultra-rare Wallace’s Golden Birdwing on Halmahera.