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Saturday 18th September - Sunday 3rd October 2010

Craig Robson

The 2010 Birdquest to Java & Bali will no doubt be remembered by most for the unseasonal rain that hampered the tour. Monsoon-like conditions were endured every afternoon at Gunung Gede-Pangrango and Gunung Halimun National Parks. Java was experiencing its heaviest rain since the 1980s, two months ahead of the official start of the monsoon season. Despite this setback, we recorded 247 species, including all of the currently recognised extant species that are endemic to the two islands, apart from Javan Scops-Owl, Javan Cochoa and Java Sparrow. Amongst the highlights this year were Christmas Island Frigatebird, Javan Hawk-Eagle, resplendent Green Peafowl, Javan Plover, Far Eastern Curlew, Great Knot, Grey-cheeked and Sumatran Green-Pigeons, a digiscoped male Pink-headed Fruit-Dove, many good perched views of Dark-backed Imperial-Pigeon, very good views of Sunda Coucal, a flock of 28 Yellow-throated Hanging-Parrots, several of which were scoped perched, Sunda Scops-Owl, Javan (or Javan Barred) Owlet, Spotted Wood-Owl, Javan Frogmouth perched just above us, Salvadori’s Nightjar, a pair of beautiful Javan Trogons, Javan Kingfisher, Black-banded Barbet, Horsfield’s Thrush, Sunda Blue Robin, good views of feeding Pygmy Tits, two flocks of Rufous-fronted Laughingthrushes, great views of the threatened White-breasted and superb White-bibbed Babblers, super close views of Spotted Crocias, Javan Tesia, Javan Bush-Warbler, White-bellied Fantail, the endangered Black-winged Myna, Javan White-eye, Javan Sunbird, and the little known White-capped (or Black-throated) Munia. At Bali Barat National Park, we saw two pairs of Bali Mynas that were released in December 2009, and we also saw released birds at Menjangan Resort near Gilimanuk. Mammal highlights included the threatened Javan Gibbon.